FSG 7016 Portable UHF Transceiver

The Portable FSG 7016 water- and dustproof UHF/AM Communications Transceiver with VOX controlled transmit. This excellent transceiver system, is a microprocessor controlled, high performance, 16-channels pre-set, handheld UHF/AM air band transceiver, complete with rechargeable, snap-on battery pack, helical antenna and removable/adjustable carrying strap on radio's rear side. 

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This light weight, small size, splash and dust proof transceiver offers universal operation on up to 16 fixed, software pre-programmed channels at 25 kHz spacing out of 7,000 channels within the full UHF/AM 225.000 MHz to 399.975 MHz frequency range. The rechargeable 1,500 mAh high-capacity Ni-MH battery, together with three programmable RF output levels plus 'receive only' mode on any channel, allow very flexible operations.

Operating mode
The operating mode is Simplex, i.e. transmiting or receiving only in turns. Excellent colloca on characteris cs - especially the very high receiver sensi vi- ty - allow universal, exible and reliable line of sight voice radio communica - ons, also in di cult environment. The built-in voice controlled communica on func on (VOX) allows handsfree opera on. 

The unit comes with a NiMH 12V/1,5Ah battery. Battery replacement or discharge does not result in loss of memory information. A comprehensive manually or automatically activated acoustic and LED battery status control, besides the high level transmit side tone, gives the operator easy to under- stand battery status information. This is especially helpful in extreme operating conditions.

The audio volume is adjustable in seven steps to control tones for receiving, transmitting and battery status warning. External microphone sensitivity can be easily set in seven steps. Both the built-in microphone and loudspeaker are switched OFF, when an external microphone is connected to the multifunction 10-pole accessory socket. 


  1. Transceiver
  2. Wideband helical antenna
  3. Battery pack NiMH 12V/1,5Ah
  4. Hand holder
  5. 10-pole accessory connector, twist lock, sealed
  6. TNC antenna coaxial cable connector 
  7. Smart desktop drop-in charger, 10-hr charging time
  8. Speaker/Microphone, fist type, coiled cord, 10-pole plug (1) Control software for PC, CD-ROM
  9. Interface cable to PC (RS-232)
  10. Operator manual 

Data sheet

~1,0 kilogram, without antenna
External 10 Vdc to 15 Vdc via 10-pole accessory connector
Battery Life
6 to 23 hours, depends on opera ng mode
77x44x229 millimeter
Frequency range
225.000 MHz to 399.975 MHz
Channel capacity
16 pre-set channels out of 7,000 channels
Operating modes
Simplex (either receiving or transmi ng)


FSG 7016 UHF - Specs

FSG 7016 UHF - Specifications

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