GSCI TI-GEAR C Thermal Imaging Clip-On Sight

Meet the TI-GEAR-C a tactical thermal imaging system designed and built for any user, any mission, in any environment. For more than a quarter of a century, GSCI's philosophy is to offer the best combination of quality, performance and cost.

Options: 384x288 Thermal Sensor Resolution with 45mm, f/1.1 Lens Size

MSS Defence

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The TI-GEAR-C is the professional-grade thermal clip-on sight for aiming and engagement designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of firearms and daytime scopes. The TI-GEAR-C is a plug-and-play unit, deployed in mere seconds with no zeroing needed. It is also a great tool for reconnaissance and tactical surveillance.

The latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor is at the base of the TI-GEAR-C. GSCI proprietary hardware and software solutions are built around the sensor and offer exceptional image quality along with unique tools for added tactical advantage and user safety.

The TI-GEAR-C345 is fully dust- and waterproof, meets and exceeds modern standards. The TI-GEAR-C345 is designed for both professional users and also firearms enthusiasts. It is a robust, reliable tool for long-term, intensive use in any environment, in any lighting or weather conditions.

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