BlueBox 1800 UF SOLAR

BLUEBOX 1800 UF SOLAR has a daily capacity of 43 200 litres per day, giving 1.5 litres of drinking water for 28 800 people, or 2 160 pcs 20 L bottles.

Easily transportable, this is a mobile, trailer mounted water purification unit

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You can easily transport this mobile, trailer mounted water purification unit from water source to water source, producing clean drinking water at 1 800 l/h.
- Proven concept in more than 20 countries
- Drinking water setup in less than 20 minutes
- Integrated battery power bank
- Night production is possible with the solar panels in the closed position
- Protective cover for the Solar panels is included


  • Type: Solar powered mobile water purification plant
  • Raw water source: All fresh water sources with up to 2500 PPM salinity
  • Application area: Safe drinking water relief for camps, communities, disaster zones
  • Capacity: 1800 l/h | 43 m3 pd at +25 °C water temperature
  • Water quality: Superior WHO quality: Removes bacteria, virus, microorganisms, flouride, arsenic and pesticides
  • Dimensions: L: 3.2 m, W: 1.76 m, H: 1.88 m
  • Weight/Vol: 1100 kg / 10.6 m3
  • Power source: 1.5 kW, 220/230 Volt, 50/60 Hz, CEE 16A (standard). 10 solar panels
  • Packaging: Build on a sturdy alu. trailer for easy transport
  • Purifying filters and membranes: 100+25+5 micron, activated carbon, ultra filtration, UV-light
  • Pump type: Self-priming membrane pump. Can run dry
  • Optional: Post-chlorination
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