BlueBox 5000 RO DESAL

Skid mounted desalination BlueBox system, configured to customers specifications and water conditions. Can also be mounted in containers for portable large scale water production.

Raw water is initially dosed with chlorine. This takes care of the organic matter to some extent. 

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5000 litres hour. 
Raw water is then passed through Multi Media Filter with the help of Feed pump of suitable capacity to remove suspended impurities. This filer unit gives the coarse filtration.

Filtered water is then passed through Activated Carbon Filter to remove excess chlorine (dechlorination), odour, and turbidity due to colloidal suspended impurities and organic impurities. The chlorinated water is then dosed with antiscalant dosing system.

The water is further passed through 5 micron cartridge filter to remove micron particles to avoid clogging of the Reverse Osmosis membrane. Reverse Osmosis unit is the heart of the treatment scheme. It will reduce the Dissolved Salts from the raw water up to the remarkable level. A lot of bacteria are also removed in this process.

The treated water from Reverse Osmosis unit will be passed through Ultraviolet Sterilisation to ensure complete bacteria free pure water.

- Reverse Osmosis unit
- pH Correction System
- UV Sterilisation System
- Piping (set)
- Skid
- Chlorine Dosing system
- Raw Water Booster Pump
- Multi Media Filter
- Activated Carbon Filter
- Antiscalant Dosing System
- 5 Micron Filters

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