Base Camp Connect BCC-LITE

BCC-LITE is a portable rapid-deploy kit that creates a local network, interconnects radios and automates network failovers to provide phone, Internet and radio interoperability. Portable communications go-kit with 2 radio interfaces, 4 telephone lines and an internet router working on 2 networks. Automated connection to preset networks with automatic failover. 

MSS Defence

Dutch company MSS DEFENCE, based in Maasdijk, is a reliable solution provider. It boasts a solid domestic presence and an international clientele. Known for its innovative products, MSS DEFENCE has a wide reach. We work in various defence and law enforcement areas.

Our products and support ensure customer mission readiness.


No computer needed to operate. All electronics self-contained in the 30 Lbs Pelican Case, low wattage operation on 110/240V. The ideal instrument to complete your communications gear and fill your needs gap. Intended for smaller agencies and private companies that do not have the same needs nor the same budget as larger Public Safety Organizations do.


  • 4 phone lines operating on 3G
  • WiFi LTE Router running on 2 SIM cards
  • Satellite ready and 3 PoE LAN ports
  • 2 Radio interoperability ports
  • 1 deskphone and 4 ruggedized cordless phones
  • Power consumption: 25 Watts


  • Radio Interface: 2 Ports/Handset/Speaker Port
  • Digital Key Phone: 1
  • DECT Ruggedized Cordless Phone: 4
  • Number of Simultaneous Users: 64
  • Analog Extensions: 4
  • Digital Extensions: 2
  • SIP Extensions: 5
  • Carrying Case: Pelican Case
  • Dimensions: 63,5cm X 51cm X 30,5cm
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Operating Temperature: -10  to +50º
  • Storage Temperature: -30 to +70ºC
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