MSS Defence Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

Knee and elbow pads protect the bony extremities of the joints in your arms and legs. Both of these types of pads provide protection against impact which can break bones, but they also protect against sand, rocks, and gravel that can cause burns, scrapes, and other lacerations. Kneepads, most importantly, help secure a more comfortable firing position.

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MSS Defence

MSS Defence

A global family passionately committed to providing defence solutions to customers around the world.

We anticipate customer needs and deliver best-of-breed solutions that improve stability and security. Possessing a ‘can do’ result orientated mentality while adhering to military values.

  • Made from high strength material, which resists and absorbs outside impact efficiently. Providing protection to the wearer.
  • Product rear uses a thicker weave and hook & loop system.
  • Coated with a waterproof nylon material, and a flexible inside lining  Ergonomically designed to allow for better attachment to joints providing extra wearer comfort and to allow free body movement. 
  • Upper surfaces consist of flexible and tough material.
  • Uses high-density cushioning material, that makes it comfortable to the touch, and will not collapse with long usage.
  • Nylon stitching
  • Durable buffer layer
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • One size fits all
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