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Cloud and Appliance based solutions providing Email Threat Security and Control for Advanced Organizations, MSSPs, and Telcos. 

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AnubisNetworks Global Threat Intelligence Platform
AnubisNetworks’ security ecosystem permanently monitors the world for Botnets, IP Reputation, Email phishing and Malware campaigns, and communicates with MPS edge filters, for real time proactive malware prevention. 

Control Features on top of Security Features
DLP (Data Leakage Protection), Quota Management, Rate control, Email Validation, transport Encryption and many other features are available per user and per scope, taking this platform far beyond Email Security. 

Complete Visibility on your platform
Complete details on messages and queues for inbound and outbound flows. MPS also contains several dashboard data, system auditing, business information tools, and hardware and software monitoring, each feature configurable by scope and data. 

Customizable / White Label GUI
Each of the hierarchy scopes can be fully customized with your brand identity, your partners and your end customers. 

Lean Management of Quarantine
Quarantine can be managed by IT and/ or end users, in a centralized console, with the option of web end user interface and/or email interface (via periodic digests). 

Hierarchic Multitenant System for Inbound and Outbound
An advanced architecture with several administration scopes (Virtual scopes, SMTP domains and LDAP based Organizational units), each with distinct roles – including Helpdesk users - for both centralized and delegated management. 

Email Secure Routing and Virtual Aliases
MPS brings a new dimension to email routing management by enabling the usage of BCC, Email Queue holding, Distribution lists, Virtual Aliases, and Listeners based routing. And protected under SPF, TLS and DKIM encryption mechanisms. 

Auditing, Monitoring and Billing information
Advanced and easy access to detailed information on all activities and system information, for billing, auditing and compliance purposes. 

Email Control 

  • DLP - Data Leakage Protection 
  • Multitenant Quota management 
  • White & Blacklists inheritance 
  • Attachments Discovery 
  • BCC and Archiving plugins 
  • AD Integration for AAA 

Business features 

  • Quarantine HTML digests 
  • Complete Outbound Administration 
  • Full Timezones and Multilanguage 
  • Business reporting and Usage KPIs 
  • Per-scope full OEM customization 

Anubis networks Technologies 

  • MPS HDB Fingerprinting
  • AN MailSpike® IP Reputation 
  • Social Networks relationship 
  • Cyberfeed Cyberfeed® for MPS 

Filtering & Security 

  • Realtime reputation analysis 
  • Anti-Spoofing / Safe WL
  • Anti Directory Harvest Attack 
  • Encryption layer DKIM / Sender ID / SPF verification / support 
  • Spam waves protection
  • All Email parts Heuristic analysis Regular Expressions 
  • Sophos, ClamAV & integrates with other AVs 
  • Zero hour burst Detection 

Network and Integration 

  • SOA / WebServices
  • Next hop server configuration 
  • Full IPv6 capable
  • Syslog based log integration 
  • Email Spooling & Rate control 


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AnubisNetworks - Email Security

AnubisNetworks - Email Security

Cloud and Appliance based solutions providing Email Threat Security and Control for Advanced Organizations, MSSPs, and Telcos. 

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