RST - Airborne Imaging Radar

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The resolution of 5 m ("Single-Look-Mode") allows for a wide field of application over land and sea. An important feature of the RST Radar is the real-time image generation on board. Its affordable price is another undeniable advantage.

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RST - Airborne imaging radar

Airborne imaging radar is the perfect solution for environmental observations and ship controls for:

  • organizations of coastal surveillance
  • companies and organisations of ocean monitoring
  • coastal surveillance
  • police
  • organizations of environmental surveillance

Cutting-Edge Radar Software 

Radar systems for airplanes and helicopters are a challenge for high-tech companies. The requirements are manifold:

  • image generation via SAR
  • flight altitude measuring via altimetry
  • flight path observation via forward-looking radar
  • ground topography generation via radar interferometry

Airborne radar systems get their measuring quality from a highly sophisticated software application. Since the company's foundation, the development of this software technology has been among its core competencies. It is what transforms all RST radar systems into unique products.

RST's range of software capabilities:

  • compensation of movement by the airborne SAR in image generation
  • unfocused SAR application with radar altimeters
  • stereometry for the radar altimetry
  • interferometric methods for a forward-looking radar
  • Kalman filter-based one-dimensional radar interferometer for ground topography measurement

Software development is supported through realistic radar raw data simulation. This makes it possible to develop and test software programmes while the hardware is still in development.

RST is an expert in radar raw data simulation. The company’s simulators have been used in many development projects and refined to perfection through years of successful use.

RST’s considerable expertise gained in testing radar systems helps make the simulation as real as possible. This allows for the seamless and simultaneous development of software and hardware. The end result is high measuring quality for a moderate expenditure of time and cost.

RST - SLIP-SAR Processing Algorithm

RST Internally funded development of a new and highly effective SLIP-SAR Processor working in frequency domain.

In view of increasing resolution requirements for SAR imagery, RST developed a new and innovative concept for SLIP-SAR processing. This SAR processing algorithm is working mainly in the frequency domain and allows a very efficient image generation also for very high resolution SAR sensors. Due to their optimized run time behaviour, the new algorithms can be implemented on very cost effective hardware without compromising image quality.

RST offers a complete software / hardware solution tailored to your SAR Processing needs. This also includes end-to-end tests, extensive documentation and user training. 

RST - SAR Raw Data Simulator

Flexible Software for SAR Raw Data Simulation especially for high resolution SAR (SLIP/SPOT SAR Modi).

During the development of a SAR system, many tests have to be performed in order to verify that the current system design fulfills the requirements of the customer. SAR Raw Data Simulators allow the generation of representative raw data of the future SAR system. This data can then be used to check the performance of different SAR processing algorithms and the complete SAR system in general. RST has developed a very flexible software framework for SAR Raw Data Simulator with emphasis on very high resolution SAR systems. Also complex system characteristics like changing transmit pulse sequences and perturbations of signals and flight path can be incorporated.

The SAR Raw Data Simulator is a stand-alone software package which includes all modules necessary for realistic raw data simulation:

  • orbit / flight path selection,
  • point target / scene editor,
  • SAR, antenna and signal characteristics editor,
  • generation of auxiliary output files,
  • conversion utility for output data (custom format possible).

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RST - Airborne Imaging Radar

RST - Airborne Imaging Radar

The resolution of 5 m ("Single-Look-Mode") allows for a wide field of application over land and sea. An important feature of the RST Radar is the real-time image generation on board. Its affordable price is another undeniable advantage.

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