Rosehill Security Rapid Defender - Vehicle Security Barrier

Designed to provide protection for crowds of people at events from vehicle as a weapon (VAAW) attacks. The Rapid Defender is a temporary vehicle security barrier (VSB) that can be deployed within minutes.

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Specifically designed to provide protection for crowds of people at events from vehicle s a weapon (VAAW) attacks, the Rapid Defender is a temporary vehicle security barrier (VSB). Requiring no foundations, this surface mounted system can be quickly deployed almost anywhere, from the streets surrounding stadiums to uneven festival sites, in a matter of minutes.

Made up of individual robust rubber units weighing just 49kg each, connected by steel rods, the modular system can be set up quickly and easily, removed and used again and again. With no special tools or lifting equipment required, four men can manually install a barrier across the width of a road in less than five minutes.

The innovative design of the Rapid Defender allows it to be integrated with other temporary or permanent hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) systems to create a stronger physical barrier as part of a holistic HVM solution.


  • A physical and visual security deterrent.

  • Quick and easy to deploy, remove and relocate - minimising disruption.

  • Lightweight design allows easy transportation and installation.

  • Suitable for all types of sites - accommodating road cambers and uneven surfaces.

  • No special tools or lifting equipment required.

  • Integrated redeployable pedestrian and vehicle portals.

  • Over 65% lighter than concrete solutions.

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber.

  • Innovative modular design enabling integration with other HVM solutions.

  • Optional covers for branding opportunities.

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