CODAN 2110 Transceiver Unit / Extended Configuration

The Codan Patrol 2110 Manpack is a reliable, rugged and secure solution for your portable long-range high frequency (HF) voice and data communications. The Patrol Manpack is extremely light and has the lowest power consumption of any available HF manpack, meaning you can operate continuously on a single charge for up to 65 hours.


MSS Defence

Dutch company MSS DEFENCE, based in Maasdijk, is a reliable solution provider. It boasts a solid domestic presence and an international clientele. Known for its innovative products, MSS DEFENCE has a wide reach. We work in various defence and law enforcement areas.

Our products and support ensure customer mission readiness.


2110 SSB Transceiver Unit

The 2110 Transceiver is ideal for long distance portable communications, designed specifically to meet the most demanding mission and user requirements. The 2110 features digital and analogue voice transmission capabilities, Selcall, FED-STD/ MIL-STD 2G and 3G ALE, and is configurable for GPS positioning. The 19-pin GP interface provides full support for data and other system applications as well as a programming and battery charging port.

Standard Features

  • 1.6–30MHz, 600 channels, 10 networks
  • 25 W/5 W (PEP) selectable output power
  • 12 V DC, USB/LSB/AM
  • 0.5 PPM frequency stability
  • Internal automatic antenna tuner
  • Multi-net scanning
  • In-built EasitalkTM speech noise reduction
  • Comprehensive calling capabilities, including emergency call, phone call, selective call, message call, remote diagnostics
  • Compatible with the 2120 Smart Handset
  • Up to 65 hours use on a single charge (17Ah battery)
  • 19-way general purpose interface port (GPIO) for systems and accessory connectivity and battery charge output
  • Front panel programming (where permitted)
  • Meets MIL-STD-810F for shock, vibration, immersion and dust

Extended Configuration 

The 2110-TCVR-PORTABLE-EXT package includes all required components for a portable solution that supports voice operation but can also be upgraded with advanced capabilities such as Digital Voice, 3G ALE, encryption and data capabilities. The addition of the 2120 Smart Handset provides the convenience of full transceiver control without needing access to the transceiver front panel. The high capacity 13Ah battery, external frame backpack and 3-way antenna kit provides a robust and flexible solution for extended foot patrol missions and short/long haul communications scenarios. The kit also includes an AC battery charger with a cable option for direct battery charging.

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