Newcon Optik - Laser Range Finder Binocular LRB 6000CI

Newcon Optik - Laser Range Finder Binocular (LRB) 6000CI allows you to observe distant objects with great image quality plus it measures distance to the object (up to 6 kilometers), its elevation, azimuth and speed - all in one. Computer output allows immediate data acquisition by any system with standard RS-232 interface, including various GPS models. 

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The Newcon Optik - Laser Range Finder Binocular (LRB) 6000CI combines excellent optics with the latest advanced technology. Revised approaches in optical and electronic engineering that incorporate many years in development of laser range finding technology allow target acquisition at longer distances with better reliability under wider ranges of weather conditions. The device has gating capability and variable logic of target selection. 

Technical characteristics:

  • Angular measurements: mils, degrees
  • GPS compatibility: Protocol level or built-in Gating capability with 100 meters step First, last and automatic target acquisition
  • Distance measurements: meters, yards
  • Speed measurements: KMH, MPH
  • Digital output: RS-232 or Bluetooth
  • Other features include: rubberized finish, aluminum frame, shockproof, water resistant, wide operational range of climatic and atmospheric conditions.
  • Magnification: 7x
  • Objective lens, mm: 50
  • Exit pupil diameter, mm: 7.1 
  • Eye relief, mm: 18
  • Field of view: 5º 
  • Interpupillary distance, mm: 58-72 
  • Diopter adjustment range: ±4

Range finder:

  • Laser type: 905 class 1 eye safe
  • Measuring distance range, m: 1-6,500
  • Measuring azimuth range: 6,400 mils / 360º 
  • Measuring elevation range: ±60º
  • Distance accuracy, m: ±1
  • Azimuth and elevation accuracy: ±1
  • Distance resolution, m: 1
  • Measurement time, sec: 0.5
  • First / Last/ Auto logic: V
  • Gating capability, m: 100-4000 
  • Gating step, m: 100
  • Meters / yards display: V
  • Computer output: RS232 
  • Last 10 readings recall: V
  • Reticle shape selection: V
  • GPS: V
  • Scan mode: V
  • Speed detector: V


  • Power supply: 9V Lithium non-magnetic
  • Battery capacity, shots: >5,000 
  • Low Battery indicatior: V
  • Rubber armour: V
  • Water resistant design: V
  • Tripod socket: 1/4"
  • Dimensions, mm: 210x150x80
  • Weight, kg: 1.3
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