Hov Pod Hovercraft - Carbon Infinity 750

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The 2017 Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 750 is a safe, high quality, easy to use, strong & durable hovercraft with excellent power to weight characteristics, a capacity for up to 9 people which can be supplied with a wide range of options to suit any application & budget.

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The Carbon Infinity has one simple set of controls which can be mastered in minutes and with high durability, safety & quality levels incorporated as standard. It can operate with ease over mud, riverbeds, tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, swamps, marshland, weeds, submerged plants, snow, desert, ice, roads, shallow lakes & dried up salt marshes.

Commercial Specifications
The hull Carbon Infinity is uniquely manufactured entirely from carbon fiber and Kevlar with a HDPE duct which means it is lightweight, extremely buoyant, and able to take all terrain punishment all day long from ice, flooding debris, stones, rocks logs and other obstructions. 

5 year warranty on hull.
The Carbon Infinity skirt material is a proprietary developed polyurethane / nylon weave & fabric combination with excellent anti-rip properties, double layer reinforcing & incredible wear resistance for continued operational capability & high speed safety.

Carbon Fiber Black
Infinity standard hull color, Carbon infinity hull can be sprayed any color.

The 2017 Carbon Infinity is the first Truck Styled medium duty hovercraft engineered to be an all-terrain workhorse, the Infinity is affordable, easy to purchase, operate and use. Hov Pod Carbon Infinity are low maintenance and built to last. Carbon Infinity deliver a huge return on investment by completing missions, saving lives, reducing travel time, flying over unforgiving terrain or transporting people and products to places no other vehicle can go.


  • Military/Patrol/Police
  • Commercial/Exploration
  • Transportation
  • Rescue/Relief Work
  • Fire Fighting
  • Survey/UXO
  • Recreation/Personal Use
  • Rental/Activity/Resorts
  • Super Yacht Tender
  • Tours/Excursions

Multi Configurable Cabin 
In line central driving console with 4 options for supply:

Seating Max Total: 4-7 Water, 7-9 Ice, smooth mud, hard wet sand.

Front inline seating for 2 and large cargo bay.

Front Inline seating for 2, 1 bench for up to 3, small cargo area.

Front inline seating for 2, 2 sets of bench seating for up to 6, cargo area

Front inline seating for 1, 3 sets of bench seating for up to 8

Weight Before Configuration & options 400 Kgs, (881) Pounds

Engine Types: Weber Automotive 120HP Turbo 4-stroke

Hull Construction: Carbon Fibre/Kevlar Composite hull, HDPE Duct, console and engine covers

The Carbon Infinity is the only production hovercraft to exploit Carbon Kevlar composite and HDPE. All-terrain vehicles need to be very strong & take punishment in day to day use over ice, water debris, stones, rocks, rough terrain and bumps and dips in the surface. The weight to strength ratio for our hulls is vastly superior to glass fibre which is why HDPE & Kevlar/Carbon composites are used in a wide range of applications such as for rough water kayaks (that continually hit and ride off submerged rocks) and race track crash barriers. This ensures that the Hov Pod is lightweight, extremely buoyant, yet far stronger & more impact resistant than brittle glass fibre (GRP) which cracks & breaks on impact. Kevlar/Carbon Fibre provides incredible strength with superior performance / payload to price point.

Top Speed: Up to 40 mph / 65 km/h (Dependent on conditions)
Cruise Speed: 17mph to 22 mph / 35 km/h (Dependent on conditions)

Payload subject to operations conditions 
On Flat Land/Mud/Sand: 675 Kg, 1491 Pounds
On Water: 500 Kg, 1105 Pounds

Fuel Tank Capacity & Range
Litres: 33 Standard or User Customizable
US Gallons: 8.7 Standard or User Customizable
Range/Hours: User customizable up to 8.5 hours 152 miles (245km)

Skirt System & Material
85 Individual Segments. Hov Pod IAPSS anti plow system
Polyurethane/Nylon (A proprietary developed weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance)


• Electric Start

• Gauge Control Set

• Skirt Material, thicker durable grade

• Seating - Comfortable Upholstered

• Fully Enclosed Winter Cabin

• Summer Cabin

• Cruise Awning (protection for use while craft operating).

• Stationary Awning (protection from sun/rain when stopped).

• Storage Protective Cover

• Spares Standard or Commercial Kit

• Military Specification Radiator for use in hot and/or dirty conditions.

• Trailer with light board & Straps

• Bilge Pump

• Craft Lifting Points

• Additional Buoyancy (Extra reserve Buoyancy & USCG).

• Extended range option (+2 Tanks)

• Fuel gauge and fuel tank sender unit.

• Storage Platform

• Bench Seat Option

• Flashing Light, Orange

• Navigation Lights (Port & Starboard)

• White Light on Mast

• Headlights. Twin LED front or rear mounted headlights

• Search Light, plug in style, hand held

• Duct Lighting Gantry Stainless Steel (Lights fitted by customer)

• Accessory kit

Commercial Upgrades

• Commercial Specification upgrade. (CSU+) kit with Increased Strength Hull, military specification high temperature cooling system, mid ships gantry for observer support &/or radar/thermal camera mount (radar/camera not included), two 12-volt supply points. Recommended for commercial, patrol, rescue, survey, and superyacht use.

• Infinity Fire Fighting Option can be configured with 120 litre AFFF foam tank, 22HP Fire pump with 1 monitor outlet and/or 1 hand line branch pipe outlet, 200 gallons/min at 100psi up to over 500 gallons/min at 15psi, or for Flood Relief 500 gallons/min at 15psi drainage pumping.

Please note: this product is customisable to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us form more information. 


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Hov Pod Hovercraft - Carbon Infinity 750

Hov Pod Hovercraft - Carbon Infinity 750

The 2017 Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 750 is a safe, high quality, easy to use, strong & durable hovercraft with excellent power to weight characteristics, a capacity for up to 9 people which can be supplied with a wide range of options to suit any application & budget.

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