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The 2090 is a rugged and exceptionally specified HF manpack with all the features available from the traditional manpack suppliers at a more realistic price. The 2090 manpack is equipped with a fully automatic antenna tuner allowing the deployment of a full range of whip and static antennas.

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Frequency range 1.6MHz to 30MHz Tx, 250kHz to 30MHz Rx*
Channel capacity Up to 500 programmable channels
Operating modes J3E (USB, LSB) - H3E (AM) - J2A (CW) - J2B (AFSK)
Frequency stability ±0.5 ppm (±0.3 ppm optional)
Sensitivity -120 dBm (0.224 μV) for 10 dB SINAD - J3E Mode pre-amp on
Frequency hopping 5 or 25 hops per second
RF connections Whip or long wire using internal automatic antenna tuner or 50 ohms connector
RF output power 30 W PEP, 10 W PEP
Programming RS-232
Standards Meets AS/NZS4770:2000, CE, MIL-STD 810G for Immersion, shock, vibration, dust and spray
Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C humidity 95% relative, non condensing

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The Barrett Communications 2090 is a rugged fully featured HF manpack transceiver solution delivering proven field deployable secure communications with un-paralleled reliability. Designed for operation in the toughest of environments, the 2090 complies with MIL- STD 810G for shock and vibration, is immersible to a depth of 1 m and can be operated in extremes of temperature from –40°C to +70°C 

Lightweight and Compact Design
Using the latest lightweight alloys the 2090 weighs 3.9 kg (5.2 kg with 10 Ah, quick change, Lithium Ion battery cartridge). Its small physical size, one of the smallest on the market makes it comfortable to wear and operate when deployed.

Advanced calling features
The 2090 transceiver is fully interoperable with a number of advanced digital selective calling systems commonly used by many peacekeeping, and non-government organisations. The 2090 transceiver provides for multi-standard four and six digit Selective Call features including, telephone interconnect, SMS text, GPS tracking, status calling, point to point to multipoint Secure Call and remote transceiver disable capabilities.

Detachable display
The display, complete with a fully featured advanced handset remotes from the transceiver unit. This enables the operator to wear the display unit on their front webbing and have full operational access to the manpack without dismounting the manpack transceiver unit itself.

Enhanced DSP noise reduction
The new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides clear intelligible voice communications on analogue circuits through the digital removal of background noise and interference.

The standard DSP noise reduction system provides outstanding voice quality by reducing radio frequency interference (RFI), and the effects of electrical interference by enhancing audio signals to provide easier listening.

Digital Voice
Barrett digital voice options provide the highest level of digital quality clear speech between similarly equipped transceiver equipment regardless of the prevailing HF conditions.

Secure Communications (optional)
The 2090 can be fitted with a variety of scrambling and digital encryption options for voice and data security.

Options include Barrett's unique Secure Call feature, an innovative narrow band voice scrambler providing secure Selcall initiated point to point or point to multipoint communications on both open or pre- encrypted voice channels, regardless of the base level network encryption employed enabling secure point to point or multipoint communication within a secure network. 

Secure voice and data operation is further assured with a variety of internal and external encryption options for both voice and data communications, from 128 bit keyed FTT voice scramblers to DES 56 and export controlled AES 256 digital encryption standards, all interoperable with Barrett's patented frequency hopping providing instant access with no late entry synchronisation delay.

Integrated GPS interface
Barrett's GPS interface supports
connection into any NMEA0183
external GPS receiver antenna for
tracking applications. This interface
provides emergency call features and
position information on all deployed equivalently equipped HF assets.

Automatic antenna tuner
Whips and un-tuned wire antennas are simply deployed using the inbuilt, fully automatic antenna tuner. For temporary fixed station operations various lightweight broadband and tunable tactical antennas are available.

Extended operation time
The low current consumption of the 2090 transceiver enables it to operate in excess of 20 hours on one battery cartridge (assumes 90/10 RX/TX duty cycle). Spare quick change battery cartridges are small and lightweight and include an inbuilt charge management circuit allowing the cartridges to be charged whilst fitted and in operation or separately from any available DC source, including solar, hand crank or wind generator.

Internal data modems - Clover 2500 or STANAG 5066 stack (optional)
The 2090 can be fitted with either the field proven Clover 2500 or STANAG 5066 internal data modems supporting high speed secure data and email transmission, with effective data rates in excess of 14,400 bps. Clover data modems are supplied with our 2020 advanced “designed for HF operation” email and file transfer solution with full ALE control, voice call and typed text GUI proving short text messaging functions and “On Air” live chat. MIL STD data modem solutions are provided with Barrett's RC50 STANAG 5066 based communications suite providing for full ALE basedautomaticsecuremaildelivery. AllDataModemsareavailableas internal or external fit according to deployment requirements. 

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) (optional)
The 2090 is available with full MIL-STD-188-141B 2G ALE (JITC certified) and FED-STD 1045 ALE. When selected, the Barrett 2090 offers full interoperability with all other military and commercial equipment complying with this standard plus enhanced telephone interconnectivity. Tactical Field Data Terminal (FDT) option provides the 2090 with the very latest 3G ALE STANAG 4538 with advanced capabilities for voice, messaging, GPS tracking and radio status for simple and reliable communication. 

Patrol pack (Black)

  • The full pack provides for the 2090 and various accessories including wire antennas and spare battery packs
  • Made from 1000 denier nylon
  • A pouch is provided to hold the 2090's removable display and handset
  • The side packs can be detached to make the pack more compact
  • Note:- Solar panel bag shown on front of pack is optional and ships with the optional rapid deploy solar panel 


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2090 HF manpack transceiver - Barrett

2090 HF manpack transceiver - Barrett

The 2090 is a rugged and exceptionally specified HF manpack with all the features available from the traditional manpack suppliers at a more realistic price. The 2090 manpack is equipped with a fully automatic antenna tuner allowing the deployment of a full range of whip and static antennas.

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