Guardian XLC - Extra Light Cooling Anti-Ballistic Vest

The Guardian XLC - Extra Light Cooling Anti-ballistic Vest - Next to skin comfortable covert vest that provides excellent protection and keeps your body cool. This special high-tech vest maximizes operational effectiveness for military, police, law enforcement and security operators.

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How does the Guardian XLC cools your body?
The Guardian XLC is designed to prevent overheating when deployed in hot conditions. A combination of high-tech materials provides effective dissipation of body heat and moisture. It ensures distribution of cold air under the entire surface of the anti-ballistic inserts. The Guardian XLC enables you to operate in high-temperature environments for up to 20 hours at a time. To activate the cooling you only need to pour 0,5 dl of water over the cooling pad inserts.

Protection level
The vest has been tested by TNO and protects against pistol bullets like 9x19mm Ball (DM41) and 7.62x25mm Tokarev Ball. It also protects against knife stabbing (P1/A).

High quality manufacturing 
The Guardian XLC is manufactured using the highest quality fabrics ensuring maximum comfort. The materials used are soft and skin friendly. The materials include an antimicrobial protection system, designed to safeguard the operator against MRSA bacteria and other antibiotic-resistant contaminants. This substantially reduces the risk of wound infections, pneumonia or blood poisoning.

The Guardian XLC - made by Prevent&Deloza

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