FLEX-HH 300 Portable Hand-held Under Vehicle Inspection Camera

The FLEX-HH-300 is a self-contained, lightweight pole camera for inspection of hard-to-reach and/or dangerous areas for potential security hazards or breaches.


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Comm Port’s FLEX-HH-300 handheld under vehicle surveillance camera kit has been designed as a light weight, low power, portable system for simple setup and operations. The kit is perfect for perimeter security, observation posts, dead space monitoring, patrol line monitoring, border crossings, vehicle entry points or tactical operations entry points for military bases and other remote areas where threat detection and management are required.

The kit includes two types of cameras, one which is mounted on a dolly for easy access to the undercarriage of vehicles and one which is a flexible pole camera for examining hard-to-reach areas like small cavities or pipe openings, above drop-ceilings, corner views or behind immovable objects.

In addition to being an excellent handheld under vehicle camera, the FLEX-HH-300 kit also comes with a flexible goose-neck attachment with a compact 3.0 megapixel camera. This allows the FLEX-HH-300 to be used for inspecting areas like attics, small pipes, or behind objects that cannot be moved. The goose-neck attaches to the telescopic pole and the HDMI cable connects to the HD Color LCD providing clear ultra-high resolution images. An illuminated light source is included on the camera for low light areas.

The complete FLEX-HH-300 package is housed in a compact, ruggedized aluminum case for easy transport. Weighing only 6 kg (13.5lbs), the case provides foam structure cavities to keep all the components safely packaged during transit. As an ultra-portable and ultra-touch package, the system sets up in under 2 minutes and can stand up to practically any environmental conditions.


  • Ultra-portable under vehicle surveillance kit with HD Display
  • Dolly camera with LED lights
  • Flex pole camera with LED lights
  • HD LCD display with removable sunshade
  • LEMO HDMI connections for secure cable attachment
  • Integrated brightness adjustment on LCD
  • Supports HDMI video output  Supports H.264 Video compression
  • Supports up to 64Gb SD storage card for real-time video and image capture
  • 1.9 meters (6.2 Ft.) telescopic extension pole with locking grips and LCD mounting cradle
  • Ruggedized aluminum carrying case for quick deployment
  • Dolly comes with durable omni-directional wheels with wear resistant tires
  • Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous operations (w/o LEDs) 


  • Resolution: Dolly camera: 2.5 Megapixel
  • Flex pole camera: 3.0 Megapixel
  • Dolly Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Lighting: Dolly camera: 16 LEDs
  • Flex pole camera: 6 LEDs
  • Picture: JPEG
  • Video: .avi


  • Camera light sensibility: 0.0003 lux
  • Camera Field of View: 120 degrees Trolley Camera / 92 Degrees Flex Head Camera
  • Weight: – Dolly camera: 770 g
  • Flex pole camera: 140 g
  • Wheel diameter: 75mm
  • Ingress Protection IP65 


  • LCD: 7” HD LCD
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 176 x 120 x 31 mm
  • Weight: 450 g  Resolution: Selectable - VGA (848 x 480), HD (1280 x 720)
  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080
  • Display's accessories: Sunshade attached to the display for Outdoor use.
  • Connection: Hard wire, LEMO connector
  • Interface: Push Buttons
  • Brightness: User Adjustable on Display
  • Video Output: 1080p, HDMI
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Storage: 8Gb Standard Supply – expandable up to 256 Gb.
  • Recording: VGA – 11 Hrs. HD – 5 Hrs. Full HD – 2 hrs.
  • Power: Rechargeable Lithium ion, 5000mAh 12V.
  • Run Time: 8 Hrs. (W/O LED’s ON) 

Physical characteristics - Pole:

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Colour: Black
  • Type: Telescopic Extension Pole comprising of 4 Sections each.
  • Length / Diameter: Total Length 1.9 Meter - Section 1 - 478 mm / Ø 25 mm - Section 2 - 446 mm / Ø 21 mm - Section 3 - 488 mm / Ø 18 mm - Section 4 - 492 mm / Ø 14 mm
  • Weight: 1.85 Kg with Dolly Camera 1.26 KG with Flex Pole
  • Transport Case: Ruggedized Aluminum with Foam Inserts for safe transport. 635 X 293 X 138 mm (25 in x 11.5 in x 5.5 in) 6.45 Kg total weight 



Specifications Sheet

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