MSS Defence anti-Drone Gun 4RF - 6RF

The 4RF-6RF anti-drone gun is a fully mobile electronic drone mitigation system. Designed to counter Remote Piloted Systems (RPAS). Mitigation of control, video and navigation signals. All modules are integrated and are directly usable by activatiing power on button. 

MSS Defence

MSS Defence

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Equipment set:

  • Robust rifle imitation frame
  • High gain directional antennas
  • RF modules
  • Battery
  • Holo sight/scope


  • System provided with all power supply equipment
  • Battery operation time – up to one hour
  • Changeable batteries
  • Batteries chargeable while operating
  • Additional (spare) batteries available
  • Can work from 2 different power supplies
    • Integrated DC battery or AC/DC adapter


  • Ready by power on button

Physical Specifications:

  • Modules and antennas mounted on single frame
  • Dimensions 250x350x900 mm
  • Weight 6 Kg

Radio Modules:

  • RPAS control, video and GPS frequencies
  • WiFI 2,4 GHz*
  • GPS 1,5 GHz*
  • GNSS 1,5 GHz* 
  • Work only in selected frequency range with no interfererence to other service providers

Antenna Specifications:

  • High gain profesisonal antennas with SMA type connectors

              ◦ 2,4 GHz directional antenna

              ◦ GPS/GNSS 1,5 GHz – 2x directional antennas

              ◦ 5.8 GHz directional antenna

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