GSCI-Laser Rangefinder QRF-4500

The QRF-4500 is the all-in-one laser rangefinder system with increased capabilities featuring built-in GPS module, compass, laser pointer and add-on IR illuminator.   It is the indispensable tool with multiple capabilities used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and other scenarios.


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Its operational capabilities and functionality by far exceed similar systems on the market. The rangefinding module operates at 1550nm wavelength. Device's compact size to allow free access to controls of a main unit the new LRF is attached to: for example, an electro-optical system. Structural rigidity, excellent shock protection and IP67 rating are among “must-haves” for a modern operator.

This unit can be used in combination with a wide variety of optical-electronic systems: daytime sights, night vision, thermal imaging, fusion devices.


LRF Wavelength:    1550mm  
Distance To Target Precision:                 Better than 1m
Display: OLED, 0.96'', Glare-Protected
GPS: Yes: Supports Multiple Systems
Distance Units:               Selectable: Meters or Yards
Power Source: 18650 or 2pcs CR123 and External
Battery Life: Up to 14,500 Measurements
Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C
Manufaturer's Warranty: 7 Years, Limited
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