About MSS Defence


It is our strategy to become the world’s number one veteran owned defence solution provider with premium military consultancy, military products, services and support.


We are a global family passionately committed to providing defence solutions to customers around the world. We anticipate customer needs and deliver best-of-class solutions that improve stability and security. We have a “can do” result oriented mentality and adhere to military values.

How we work

At MSS Defence we work closely with all team members to ensure that the solutions, being products, systems or consultancy, are tailored to our customer’s requirement and budget. Our involvement at the earliest stages of the process helps a smooth supply of our solution. Once the specification is agreed upon we will advise, source and supply, in close liaison with our customer. The MSS Defence managing director (MD) is responsible for sanctioning all quotations and invoices.


Since 2009 MSS developed from a small maritime security business into a worldwide operating defence company. MSS now provides high-end solutions to demanding defence customers. Presently we operate from our The Hague headquarters either directly or through our affiliate franchise and reseller partners in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Our headquarters

Our registered office is in The Hague, The Netherlands. Conveniently located just in between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Airport, both at only 25 minutes driving distance.