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Defenture BV is a dynamic company focused on the development, production and sales of light vehicles, in particular for military applications.

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  • Defenture - WRd-1 Tactical Army Diesel Quad Bike

    The WRd-1 Tactical Army Diesel Quad Bike is designed for multiple purposes and is available in several configurations. It is lightweight, easy deployable and designed to the latest military standards in order to increase safety and to reduce lifecycle costs. 

  • Defenture Vector Lightweight Tactical Vehicle

    Battlefield tested, approved and ordered by Dutch SF units. Light-weight with impressive specifications, robust design and dynamic driving characteristics such as a 180 degrees turn in a radius of 6 meters due to 4 wheel steering. Airliftable by a large helicopter, such as a Chinook, or airplane. But also fits inside a 20ft container allowing for easy transportation.