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Victus Support offers comprehensive and effective food supplements, specifically designed to meet the cognitive and physical needs of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the military.

Our goal is to enhance cognitive and athletic performance, as well as recovery, in order to achieve Sustainable Human Performance. Science plays the lead role in everything that we do.

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  • VICTUS Barr

    Barr, an acronym for "Build, Aid, Recover, Repair", consists of seven carefully balanced and complementary nutrients. It's all about helping military personnel bounce back stronger and feel better, even after the toughest missions. Barr stands as the most comprehensive and cutting-edge recovery bar available today, specially designed in collaboration with the University of Wageningen to boost brave servicemen and women's performance and endurance.

  • VICTUS Tabb

    Tabb, an acronym for "The Academic Brain Balancer," comprises seven thoughtfully balanced and synergistic elements. Its mission is to provide cognitive support for soldiers, particularly those in the military's high-performance ranks, tackling intense mental challenges both in the short term and over extended periods.