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Agilite is a premium Israeli manufacturer of battle-proven tactical gear.

Agilite tactical equipment is trusted & used by Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations units from around the world. Agilite Equipment is designed and battle-perfected in Israel using only the finest materials to ensure, premium quality, durability, comfort and superior functionality for our end users. It gives you an edge that can only be gained from ongoing intelligent, real world, real time combat feedback from special operators in one of the toughest and most complex combat zones on earth.

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  • AGILITE 14.5'' Padded Laptop Sleeve

    The Agilite Padded Laptop Sleeve is designed to withstand harsh military environments, ensuring the protection of your devices on the battlefield. The sleeve includes a loop exterior for attaching additional pouches and patches, while its hook-backed wings secure it inside your AMAP III or velcro-lined pack. 

  • AGILITE AG1 5.56 Single Mag Pouch

    The Agilite AG Mag Pouches provide efficient and single-handed magazine access without the hindrance of bungee retention tabs. While bungee retention pouches have been popular for their secure hold, they often make magazine handling cumbersome. The custom-polymer pull tabs enhance grip and cater to different hand conditions. Whether in combat or personal defense, AG pouches provide a tactical advantage.

  • AGILITE AG3 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch

    The Agilite AG Mag Pouches are bungee retention pouches that allow you to draw or reindex magazines easily and quickly with just one hand and without bungee retention tabs getting in your way. The custom-polymer pull tabs ensure a secure grip, even when wearing gloves.

  • AGILITE AG3 Placard Triple Mag Pouch

    The AG3 Placard Triple Mag Pouch is a hook-backed triple mag Placard featuring bungee retention for easy and quick magazine access. With one-handed operation and no interference from bungee retention tabs, it allows for smooth drawing and reindexing of magazines. Capable of holding three 5.56 magazines, it can be attached to any placard-compatible plate carrier using either G-hooks or Placard buckles, both included.

  • AGILITE AMAP II Assault Pack

    The AMAP III Assault Pack is a versatile assault pack that transitions between low-profile missions (4 liters) and larger loads for longer operations (18 liters + 8-liter Beavertail). It seamlessly integrates with plate carriers and supports various attachments such as pouches, helmets, radios, and laptops.

  • AGILITE AMAP III Conversion Attachment Kit

    The AMAP III Conversion Kit revolutionizes your plate carrier by allowing direct attachment of Agilite AMAP III and other accessories. With quick installation, you can effortlessly don and doff your Assault pack, keeping your gear and survival essentials within immediate reach. By streamlining your equipment, response time is reduced, providing a more efficient and unobstructed operation during critical situations.

  • AGILITE Bridge-Tactical Helmet Accessory Platform

    The Agilite Bridge-Tactical Helmet Accessory Platform is a versatile accessory management system designed to accommodate various helmet accessories. It provides a comprehensive solution for attaching, protecting, and securing items such as NVG battery packs, counterweights, IR strobes, and cables. With its universal fit, the Helmet Bridge ensures organized and secure placement of accessories while offering additional surface protection for your helmet.

  • AGILITE BuddyStrap Injured Person Carrier

    The Agilite BuddyStrap is a life-saving device designed for carrying injured individuals easily and hands-free. Originally developed for special forces units operating in remote locations, it has versatile applications for civilians as well. The BuddyStrap enables the transport of injured hikers, individuals with mobility issues, or even large children on your own. 

  • AGILITE Flank Side Plate Carriers

    The Flank Side Plate Carriers offer a low-profile and comfortable solution for carrying side plates in firefight situations. They are lightweight and designed for maneuverability in tight CQB environments. 

  • AGILITE General Purpose Pouch

    The Agilite General Purpose Pouch is a low-profile general purpose pouch to store and organize essential items without sagging or flopping.

  • AGILITE Hook-backed EDC Organizer Panel

    The Hook-Backed EDC Organizer Panel can be configured for countless different gear setups - its multi-functional storage areas work with everything from rifle mags, pistol mags and tourniquets to laptop chargers, headphones, mouse and cables.

  • AGILITE Jump Retention Tabs (set of 3)

    The Jump Retention Tabs can be donned and doffed instantaneously on the Pincer Placard and anywhere else you have hook and loop. They provide additional rock solid retention for magazines or other items during airborne or other particularly turbulent ops.

  • AGILITE K-Zero Plate Carrier

    The K-Zero Plate Carrier addresses comfort and functionality issues faced by modern plate carriers. It offers a low-profile design without compromising comfort. The Agilite proprietary V design ensures weight distribution across 8 suspension points, elimination hot spots. With a versatile cummerbund and cable management features, it allows customization and organization. The K-Zero provides an unparalleled advantage, derived from combat experience, making it ideal for various defense scenarios. 

  • AGILITE K19 Plate Carrier

    The K19 Plate Carrier offers unparalleled comfort and functionality. It features a one-size-fits-all cummerbund and multi-size plate bag, eliminating sizing complications. The Egress Quick-release system and Fast-Adjust Cummerbund allow real-time adjustments for optimal comfort and combat awareness. 

  • AGILITE K19 Plate Carrier Back Flap Cummerbund Adapter

    The K19 Plate Carrier Back Cummerbund Adapter enables easy attachment of the Warfighter Cummerbund or any other hook and loop style cummerbunds to the K19 Plate Carrier (Versions 2.0 and 3.0). Upgrade your plate carrier with this adapter for enhanced versatility and customization options.

  • AGILITE Laptop Carrier

    The Agilite Laptop Carrier offers a versatile and discreet solution for carrying emergency gear wherever you go. With the capability to fit soft or hard armor inserts, it can quickly transition from a laptop bag to a plate carrier, allowing for rapid engagement in hands-free mode. 

  • AGILITE Mechanix M-PACT Agilite Edition

    The Mechanix M-PACT Agilite Edition is designed for military and law enforcement professionals. It features D3O palm padding that absorbs high-impact energy, reducing hand fatigue during intense operations. The semi-fingerless design provides a glove-like fit while allowing dexterity and control for crucial tasks such as trigger operation, pulse detection, ammunition changes, comfortable smart device use, and other mission-critical actions.

  • AGILITE MTEK FLUX Helmet Cover-Gen4

    The Gen4 MTEK Version is a next generation helmet cover that fits the MTEK FLUX helmet like a glove and gives it new, cutting edge functionality and universal accessory management.

  • AGILITE Ops Core Sentry Mid Cut Helmet Cover-Gen4

    The Gen4 Helmet Cover is an advanced accessory designed to provide a snug fit and enhanced functionality for the Ops-Core Sentry XP helmet. Offering color or camo uniformity, it safeguards the helmet's painted surface and acts as a reliable platform for securing accessories. This mid-cut cover not only protects the helmet's ballistic properties but also ensures complete accessory management, extending the helmet's service life.

  • AGILITE Ops-Core FAST ST/XP High Cut Helmet Cover-Gen 4

    The Gen4 Ops-Core FAST helmet cover is a cutting-edge accessory that enhances the functionality and protection of your helmet. The cover includes cable management channels, snag-free sides, and an upper bungee area for IR strobes and cameras. It also offers an optional detachable rear pouch for NVG battery packs and counterweights, with convenient cable exit holes and impact protection.