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OTTO Engineering designs and manufactures innovative two-way radio accessories developed for high-precision applications. 

OTTO specializes in tactical communication headsets, push-to-talk (PTT) systems and multi-port hubs, speaker microphones, cable assemblies for interfacing accessories to radios, tactical surveillance kits, and wireless intercoms for virtually all radio platforms. For 60 years, OTTO’s products have been recognized for excellence by military, law enforcement agencies, public safety agencies and retail and commercial customers worldwide.

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  • ESP PTT - Focused communication in dynamic environments

    Enhance Your Communication with ESP PTT by OTTO

    Introducing the ESP PTT by OTTO - the ultimate solution for clear and focused communication in dynamic environments. The Enhanced Spatial Positioning (ESP) feature untangles multiple audio streams, allowing the operator to clearly hear individual audio sources and stay focused on the mission.

  • Lynq PRO - On & Off Grid Navigation and Communication

    Lynq PRO™ - Secure, Self-Forming Ad-Hoc Data Networks for Uncompromised Communication

    Lynq PRO™ is a team navigation, data, and communication solution that allows teams to share positional data and maintain situational awareness, even when communication is unavailable. It uses a long-range, low-power, RF quiet network to create secure ad-hoc data networks that are difficult to intercept or detect, extending the edge of connectivity for tactical communications and data. Lynq PRO™ is perfect for military operations, search and rescue missions, and outdoor adventures. The Rapid Programming Kits contain everything needed to field Lynq PRO™, including up to 12 devices. With Lynq PRO™, teams can improve their communication and situational awareness and stay connected for miles without relying on networks or infrastructure.

  • OTTO 20-Meter Diver Headset

    The 20 Meter Diver Headset is the ideal solution for water rescues, underwater repairs and more.

  • OTTO 500 Speaker Microphone

    The OTTO 500 speaker microphone is the right choice for extreme fire-fighting environments. It’s designed to withstand high-pressure water flow and function flawlessly even when exposed to temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C) for a full 5 minutes.

  • OTTO Bluetooth Revo NC2

    The Bluetooth Revo NC2 allows users to engage in team communications without the hassle or safety risk of a connection cable.

  • OTTO Classic Headset

    The Classic Headset is ideal for high-noise combat and adaptable in behind-the-head and over-the-head styles.

  • OTTO ClearTrak Headset

    The ClearTrak Headset provides superior hearing protection with robust communications capabilities for combat and training situations, military flight operations, engine rooms and other environments with loud noise.

  • OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom System

    The new lighter and more compact Connect X system enhances the original OTTO Connect system with the addition of built-in Fusion technology and Bluetooth connectivity

  • OTTO Connect X Wireless Intercom System

    The OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom System redefines intercom standards with clarity and superior transmision performance.

  • OTTO Evolution Speaker Microphone

    The Genesis II has a durable construction with high-performance materiales that make it the right speaker microphone for all demanding applications except fire.

  • OTTO Genesis II Speaker Microphone

    Durable construction with high-performance materials makes the Genesis II the right speaker microphone for all demanding applications except fire.

  • OTTO H3 Headset

    The lightweight, low-profile OTTO H3 Headset is designed for high performance in tactical situations experienced by military, SWAT, public safety and security personnel.

  • OTTO Hurricane II Headset

    The Hurricane II Headset offers OTTO’s highest NRR of 29 dB to provide outstanding hearing protection with excellent communications performance.

  • OTTO Multi-Port Hub PTT

    The OTTO Multi-Port Hub PTT is the ultimate hub for communications control. The Multi-Port Hub PTT provides modular control of up to three unique communications platforms, each with a separate Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.

  • OTTO NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs

    The NoizeBarrier Micro Earplugs are the perfect solution to experience unrivaled hearing protection and situational awareness.

  • OTTO NoizeBarrier Range SA Headset

    The NoizeBarrier Range SA is the ultimate headset designed for firearm professionals seeking top-tier hearing protection and unparalleled situational awareness, complete with receive-audio capability.

  • OTTO NoizeBarrier TAC Headset

    The NoizeBarrier TAC Headset is the choice for warfighters in need of full communication capabilities with maximum hearing protection. The TAC provides crystal clear communications, superior situational awareness, and industry-leading hearing protection for mission-critical operations.

  • OTTO Profile Headset

    The Profile Headset is designed for excellent hearing protection with all=day comfort.

  • OTTO Ranger Headset

    The Ranger Headset is an ergonomically designed, slim, and extremely rugged single-ear professional headset

  • OTTO Revo NC2 for PoC

    The new Revo NC2 for Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) brings the convenience and flexibility of a speaker mic to team members using smartphones and tablets to expand a vital communications network.