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TrainShot, a young company from the center of Europe, produces a patent pending interactive paper target with the ability to detect bullet strikes, and a smart device application recording and evaluating scores in real-time. The company offers 4 different smart target patterns suitable for various preferences.

The application, while serving as a digitalized scoring system, also provides real-life combat challenges and drill trainings, helping to improve cognitive skills, reaction time, trigger control, reflexes and overall statistics. The training modes work on the basis of verbal commands and light signals directly on the target. Users can set up multitarget or multiuser modes and track their performances in the archive of results.

In addition, TrainShot offers three kits to satisfy different needs, including a Starter kit suitable for personal target practice, a Shooting range kit for shooting range facilities, and a Long range kit for bigger firearm trainings. According to the purpose of usage, each kit contains an extra equipment to ensure the security of devices and the smooth communication of data.

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