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Turn-key Counter-UAS solutions to augmenting existing system capabilities. Our solutions go beyond “selling boxes”. DroneShield provides multi-domain, multi-mission solutions.

From comprehensive C-UxS solutions to maximizing the performance of currently deployed third-party sensors with our AI-based sensor fusion and signal processing, we provide mission essential capabilities. 

Our sensors, effectors, and AI/ML can be integrated into our own Command-and-Control solution or fully interoperable with third-party platforms for both Government and commercial systems. We provide solutions for your current capability gaps. Bring us your biggest challenge. 

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  • Drone Gun Mk3

    The DroneGun MKIII is an advanced drone jamming device designed to neutralize unauthorized drones safely and effectively. This powerful and lightweight tool can be used in various settings, including public events, military operations, and critical infrastructure protection.

  • Drone Gun Mk4

    The DroneGun Mk4 is a highly effective drone jamming device designed to neutralize unwanted drones that pose a security threat. With a range of up to 2 km, this innovative tool can disable drones by jamming their control signals, causing them to lose communication with their operator and enter a safe, controlled landing.

  • Drone Gun Tactical

    The DroneGun Tactical, from DroneShield, is a cutting-edge anti-drone weapon that provides a safe and effective way to neutralize unauthorized drones in sensitive areas. This compact and lightweight device uses radio frequency technology to disrupt the communication between the drone and its operator, allowing the drone to be safely landed or returned to its point of origin.

  • RFPatrol - Wearable UAS Detection Device

    RFPatrol - Wearable UAS Detection Device

    Introducing the RFPatrol, the latest innovation in drone detection technology from DroneShield. With its cutting-edge radio frequency (RF) scanning capabilities, the RFPatrol is designed to detect and locate rogue drones in real time, providing you with advanced warning and protection against potential threats.