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SHARKCAGE has focused solely on military logistic equipment for almost two decades. They have developed unique logistic solutions in conjunction with the US military to ensure warfighters are ready to deploy within hours. High quality storage solutions.

SHARKCAGE has been working closely with the US Military and NATO forces since 1998. Through innovative product development, extensive testing, and customer feedback from military operations, they have created products that solve a broad spectrum of logistical challenges.
It is more important than ever before that warfighters have the ability to react quickly to crises and conflicts all over the world. Their storage products are developed to move seamlessly between storage, transport and operation, giving the customer the necessary flexibility to reduce load out times, transition rapidly, and increase material security. With SHARKCAGE storage products, the US Military is always ready to deploy.

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  • SHARKCAGE Container Insert

    The container inserts maximize the internal space of different types of containers. With lockable compartments, multiple shelf positions and a heavy-duty design, these inserts are perfect for securing sensitive items as well as storing and transporting equipment for deployment. The cage is collapsible to simplify storage when not in use or during transportation.

  • SHARKCAGE Container Warehouse

    The Container Warehouse converts a standard 20ft shipping container into a mobile warehouse.  The Container Warehouse is perfect for deploying units that need to move and want a safe and secure warehouse with easy access. The combination of adjustable shelving and the ability to quickly transition from container to container, or warehouse to container, ensures maximum flexibility.

  • SHARKCAGE Tactical Locker

    The ultimate mobile storage device for operations where security and quick access are paramount. The stackable, lockable cage can be sling loaded, providing security and flexibility in both the field and warehouse. Pivoting doors and a standard padlock secure up to five compartments.

  • SHARKCAGE Wheel Storage and Transport (WST)

    The WST allows wheels and tires to be stored vertically in an efficient and flexible manner. The WST accommodates up to 7 ea HMMWV wheel assemblies, while the WST II is designed to accommodate 2 wheels weighing up to 2500 lbs each.