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For years, the Danish company PureH2O has delivered mobile water purification units to governments, NGOs, and military organizations across the globe. Now, with a new organization and a stronger business focus, the company aims at promoting its clean water technology more intensively – the first step is rename the company to MuchMoreWater.

Fifteen years ago, a Danish start-up company set itself a challenge: To create a mobile, modular water purification system that could be shipped easily and set up to run in minutes, using any available water and power sources such as solar power, portable diesel generators or even pedal-powered generators! The goal was nothing less than to deliver clean, safe water to every man, woman and child on the planet.

Now, with many hundreds of instal-lations across the globe under its belt, PureH2O has decided to intensify the efforts to get its water purification technology promoted even further. As part of its promotion and sales efforts, PureH2O has strengthened the organization and changed its name to MuchMoreWater.

Apart from the obvious uses in disaster zones and in capacity building in remote areas, the BlueBox technology also has wide applications for the hospital sector and for industrial facilities in need of a reliable water source far from the public water supply. 

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