MSS Defence MICH Helmet

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The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) was developed due to the protective but heavy PASGT being supplanted by these bump helmets by special forces operators due to them being lighter, more comfortable, closer-fitting, and made of plastic making them easier to mount accessories onto, especially night vision devices and communications headset

Includes the helmet shell and suspension system (cushion layer, chin strap, webbing). 

With an adjustment system inside the helmet. The inside helmet is padded with slow rebound memory foam, very comfortable, and excellent for shock absorption. Material is non-toxic. There are hook and loop modules on the helmet surface, for attaching other equipment. The front of the helmet has a night vision mounting system. And both sides of the helmet have accessory rail connectors, for carrying accessories.

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MSS Defence

MSS Defence

Dutch company MSS DEFENCE, based in Maasdijk, is a reliable solution provider. It boasts a solid domestic presence and an international clientele. Known for its innovative products, MSS DEFENCE has a wide reach. We work in various defence and law enforcement areas.

Our products and support ensure customer mission readiness.

  • Helmet shell material: Tac-Tex (UHMWPE) or Aramid
  • Thickness: 8.5 MM (+/- 5%)
  • Size: L
  • Performance: NIJ IIIA
  • Weight: 1.5kgs (+/-5%) 
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