SENOP - VVLITE Night Vision Goggles

VVLITE are lightweight and compact high-performance night vision goggles, designed for a wide range of night operations. You can choose from a range including models with a 40°, 50° or 60° field of view, all of which increase soldiers’ situational awareness of their environment during night operations. 


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VVLITE goggles can be used as a self- contained pocket scope. When fastened onto a helmet or head mount, they make driving, running and crawling easy, even at very low illumination levels.

When combined with a collimated red dot sight, VVLITE can be used as a night sight. Adapters are available as optional accessories for a range of weapon andred dot sight types. It is easy to fasten a tele-extender to VVLITE goggles, which gives a clear advantage to the soldier when the distance to target is more than 300 metres or it is very dark. No extra adjustments are needed.

Head and helmet mounts allows for individual use of either one of the goggles (single or dual con guration). Like other HUSKY night vision devices, VVLITE has a simple maintenance philosophy enabling the rapid replacement of modular components. Models with a 40°, 50° or 60° eld of view are also available without their own power source – these use a centralised power source. 

The wide field of view also allow for rapid and safer movement, particularly during military operations on urban terrain (MOUT). 


  • Internal IR LED
  • Eyepiece indicator LED
  • Flip-up Auto Shut Down function (ASD)
  • Daylight Auto Shut Down function (DASD)
  • Manual Gain Control (MGC), optional
  • Autogate, optional 
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