SENOP - VV2002 Night Vision Driver Goggles

VV2002 is a night vision binocular for extreme operations in the dark and an excellent choice for land navigation and vehicle operation. 


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With a binocular system, depth perception is improved, which is especially beneficial when driving a vehicle at high speed or when recognition of movement is required. A binocular system combined with highest-quality wide view optics (50 and 60 degrees FOV) gives users exceptional benefits for dark-time operation and situational awareness.

VV2002 is designed to be used on a head or helmet mount and also as handheld pocket scope. This system ful ls demanding military requirements regarding environmental conditions and handling.

Like other HUSKY night vision devices, VV2002 has a simple maintenance philosophy enabling the rapid replacement of modular components.

VV2002 Night Vision Goggles are part of Senop ́s HUSKY product family.


  • Internal IR LED
  • Eyepiece indicator LED
  • Flip-up Auto Shut Down function (ASD)
  • Daylight Auto Shut Down function (DASD)
  • Manual Gain Control (MGC), optional
  • Autogate, optional 
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