Cromwell ER1 - Police CBRN Helmet

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The fire helmet with comms overcomes the communication problems associated with traditional radio systems when fighting fires in confined spaces.

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Originally designed as a submarine fire helmet, the Cromwell ER1 is the perfect fire helmet for use in confined spaces. Proven in use by the UK MoD, the marine fire helmet can be used when fighting fires at sea and on oil rigs, as well as a number of other confined space applications.

A unique helmet system, the Cromwell Echo has an integral, cordless radio allowing multi-way communications between Controller, Team Leaders and individual fire fighters.

Adaptable Protection for Every Emergency

With its innovative design the Cromwell ER1 Rescue & Emergency Helmet System meets the demand for increased protection of personnel involved in a wide range of fire, emergency response, and rescue operations. This economical solution with its advanced safety features, and customizable appearance, comfort, and size will give you versatile performance without sacrificing protection. As part of their brand portfolio, Cromwell products are produced under the strictest standards by Gentex Corporation, a leading global supplier of helmet systems and other solutions that enhance personal safety and situational awareness for global defense.


Wide Range of Applications Because of its versatile design, the Cromwell ER1 Rescue & Emergency Helmet System can support a wide range of operations without sacrificing protection or performance including:

• Structural fire fighting

• Road traffic accidents

• Woodland fire fighting

• Water rescue

• Mountain rescue

• Urban search and rescue

• Confined space rescue

• Ambulance / paramedic response

• Police and public security

Complies with International Standards

The ER1 is approved to European Standard EN443: 1997 but with EN397 lateral rigidity, and including the following optional requirements:

• KW/m2 radiant heat test

• Thermal conditioning at –20 surface electrical insulation test

• Wet helmet insulation test

Comfort and Size Adjustable

The one size Thermoplastic shell provides high comfort and are easily adjustable to fit male and female head shapes and sizes.

Emergency Response (ER1) Helmet Shell

The ER1 helmet shell with its adjustable headband and retractable goggle make it suitable for all Level 1 operations not requiring building entry fire fighting. This shell can be fitted with ear defenders and configured for additional specialist operations, including air-sea rescue, coast guard, and helideck.

Customizable Look

The ER1 helmet comes in a wide variety of colors and badging options so you can customize the look for your needs.

Manufactured by Gentex

As part of their portfolio of emergency response solutions, Cromwell products are produced by Gentex Corporation, the leading supplier of helmet systems to the UK fire and police services (Cromwell and Argus), and a leading international supplier of military and civil aircrew helmet systems sold under the Gentex, Ops-Core, and ALPHA brands.


Shell: Heat and impact resistant

Thermoplastic Visor: High impact 2mm optical grade polycarbonate

Liner Assembly: Impact & heat retardant Polystyrene molding

Chin Strap: Nomex with quick release fastening

Chin Cup: Fire retardant Polypropylene

Weight: 800g

Shell Color: Yellow, White, Green, Red, Blue, Orange

Inner Peak Color: Black (White helmets have option of Green, Red or Blue)


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Cromwell ER1 - Police CBRN Helmet

Cromwell ER1 - Police CBRN Helmet

The fire helmet with comms overcomes the communication problems associated with traditional radio systems when fighting fires in confined spaces.

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