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  • Tactical vest model Molle system front and back with front and back inserts for trauma plates. With high strength fabric and webbing and shrink free high density mesh padded lining. Mil-Std quality tested and certified. Fitted with quick release system, fully adjustable and with ammunition pouches.

  • The vest is completed with 2 soft anti-ballistic inserts protection level NIJ IIIA andd 2 trauma plates protection level NIJ IV (stand alone). The helmet is a MICH type offering protection level NIJ IIIA. With slow rebound memory foam, excellent for shock absorption. Fitted with a NVG shroud at the front. Both sides are equipped with rails to connect...

  • This anti-ballistic set contains a basic black cover with adjustable velcro straps and 2 pouches to insert trauma plates. Inserted in back and front are 2 removable soft anti-ballistic inserts offering protection against 9mm bullets. The anti-ballistic trauma plates can be inserted in the back and front pouches. The trauma plates offer protection up to...

  • The different NIJ protection levels mean that there are different body armour vest thickensses. Up to level IIIA these are textile vests and are relatively flexbile. Levels III and IV have loose plates that fit in special pockets in the vests.

  • The Guardian XLC - Extra Light Cooling Anti-ballistic Vest - Next to skin comfortable covert vest that provides excellent protection and keeps your body cool. This special high-tech vest maximizes operational effectiveness for military, police, law enforcement and security operators.

  • Anti-Ballistic Vest NIJ Level IV - Protects against 7,62mm armour piercing bullets (AK-47) and grenade and IED shrapnel.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items