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Today’s soldiers and police and law enforcement officers have a wide variety of equipment to work with. Such as body worn or easy to reach tactical gear for immediate use like clothing, anti-ballistics, tactical lights and all other small bits and pieces. On our website we feature only a limited selection of this tactical gear. But we can assist you with our one-stop-shop solution for supplying a full range of tactical gear from combat boots to tactical helmet lights or even MRE’s.  

Body armour is always a compromise: mobility and comfort (and with it speed and stamina) are inevitably sacrificed to some degree when greater protection is achieved. This is a point of contention with some favoring less armour in order to maintain mobility and others wanting as much protection as is practical. Troops who primarily ride in vehicles generally want the highest practical level of protection from IEDs and ambushes, while dismounted infantry often make the case that impaired mobility can prove just as fatal as inadequate armour.

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