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Founded in 1982,  HGH Infrared Systems designs, develops, assembles and sells optronic systems for industrial, civil, defense and security applications.

HGH Infrared Systems - Experts in Electro-Optics & Infrared Technology

Founded in 1982, HGH Infrared Systems designs, develops, assembles and sells optronic systems for industrial, civil, defense and security applications. In 30 years of existence, HGH has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, through the development of multiple advanced sensors.

HGH’s Head Office is located in Igny near Paris, in the heart of the French Optics Valley, where the most well-known research laboratories and related companies are based. This particularly favorable environment is an enhancing factor for the high technology and quality that HGH produces.

HGH has been internationally recognized by several highly acclaimed industry specialists: 

  • The innovative product SPYNEL has been selected by Government Security News as the winner of the «2014 Best Video Tracking / Wide Area Long Range Surveillance Award». It also received «Label de l’Observeur du Design 2014», the «2012 GovSec Platinum Award», the price «Kummerman 2011» from the French Naval Academy, the «2010 Innovation Award» at Euronaval tradeshow and the «2008 Product of the Year Award» from Photonic Tech Briefs.

  • The CoolSpeed ​​technology, improving cooling time of cavity blackbodies, was the winner of the «2013 Innovation Award 2013» at Enova tradeshow.

  • KILNSCAN was selected as «Product of the Month» in June 2013 by Paper Industry Magazine.

  • HGH was awarded the «GICAT Export trophy» in 2012.

 Worldwide Presence

HGH Infrared Systems is a global provider of infrared solutions. For several years, HGH has achieved over 85% of revenue outside France, with sales and technical support teams in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as representatives in more than 50 countries. In addition, every year we participate in about 50 trade shows around the world.

Your strong Partner for key projects

The innovation spirit

  • 20% of sales revenue is invested in R&D

  • Our team comprises of highly qualified engineers in Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Software

  • We collaborate on R&D projects with prestigious research labs and universities

  • HGH’s innovations have been awarded several prizes

Quality certification

ISO 9001 Intertek logo

As part of its growth strategy, HGH obtained the ISO 9001-2008 certification in 2011, which reflects the performance and efficiency of its Quality Management System.

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  • The World's Highest Definition InfraRed Search and Track Capturing, in real time, full panoramic images with an unequaled resolution of up to 120 Mpix., the SPYNEL-X is the IRST (Infrared Search&Track) with the best image quality and, by far, the longest detection range on the market.

  • The Spynel-U is an uncooled, long-wave infrared camera system, with a high resolution 360-degree visible channel as an option. Spynel-U can detect a human at up to 2.5km, in total darkness, or through smoke or inclement weather conditions. The uncooled sensor is now the most cost-effective of the Spynel solutions and requires no maintenance.

  • The SPYNEL-S features a cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) focal plane array, exhibiting high performance, especially in warm and humid regions. Rotating continuously at up to 1 revolution/sec for total 360° azimuth coverage, it captures real time images with an impressive resolution of up to 30 Mpix. 

  • SPYNEL-M is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera, acting as an infrared radar. Continuously capturing full 360-degree infrared images every second, it provides real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats including hardly detectable targets such as UAVs, RHIBs, or crawling men.

  • Spynel is a unique 360-degree wide-area surveillance system, producing real-time full panoramic images with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. It provides powerful situational awareness through 360 degree visualization of the surroundings. 

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