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  • The IW2A is the first and only bodycam that connects with our IWitness smartwatch. Paired with the bodycam this smartwatch will activate the camera in case of a abnormal rise or decline in heartrate. So even in very stressfull events were the officer forgot to start the recording IWItness will make sure it captures the evidence.

  • The IW4G combines the best of both worlds, local recording and live video monitoring. The IW4G has the revolutionary option to live stream video (and audio) real time over a 4G network without any un-save cables or external units.

  • With the introduction of the T2+ bodycam, Zepcam has upgraded its predecessor model T2 bringing improved features. With more battery life, improved image quality and more video storage, the T2+ delivers high quality to the demanding professional.  

  • The Zepcam T2 bodycam has the ability to provide professionals (law enforcement, military, security) with a surveillance tool to promote safety and efficiency, improve situational awareness and reduce aggression. The Zepcam T2 bodycam offers a complete, fast, robust and secure solution.

  • The Hamster Energy Harvesting System is a smart and modular external power source system with the capability of harvesting energy from any available power source such as solar panels, vehicle power systems or aggregates.

  • The Personal Alarm Safety System has an in-built intelligent alarm system which alerts people nearby when a rescuer falls unconscious or lays motionless.

  • Scanning Devices manufactures the BC400 Multi-bay Battery Charging System for the BB-2590 series of  Li-Ion batteries. Designed for bench-top use this multi-bay battery charger simultaneously charges 4 batteries in approx. 4 hours. 

  • The BB-2590 battery is designed according to military standard MIL-PRF-32383. This is a high performance rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with instantaneous start-up and dual charge. It has durable hight impact plastic housing and connector enclosure. It offers great protection against short circuit and improper charging and the unit contains safety...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items