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Our man portable counter drones offer advanced technologies and reliable performance to protect critical infrastructure, public safety, and sensitive areas.

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  • Droneshield RfPatrol

    The RfPatrol is a highly versatile, completely passive/non-emitting wearable UAS detection device. The device automatically detects drones moving at any speed.

  • Droneshield DroneGun Mk4

    The DroneGun Mk4 is a highly effective drone jamming device designed to neutralize unwanted drones that pose a security threat. With a range of up to 2 km, this innovative tool can disable drones by jamming their control signals, causing them to lose communication with their operator and enter a safe, controlled landing.

  • Droneshield DroneGun Mk3

    The DroneGun Mk3 is an advanced drone jamming device designed to neutralize unauthorized drones safely and effectively. This powerful and lightweight tool can be used in various settings, including public events, military operations, and critical infrastructure protection.