Greep uit producten die wij volgende week gaan showen bij het KCT. 

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  • ESP PTT - Focused communication in dynamic environments

    Enhance Your Communication with ESP PTT by OTTO

    Introducing the ESP PTT by OTTO - the ultimate solution for clear and focused communication in dynamic environments. The Enhanced Spatial Positioning (ESP) feature untangles multiple audio streams, allowing the operator to clearly hear individual audio sources and stay focused on the mission.

  • AGILITE K-Zero Plate Carrier

    The K-Zero Plate Carrier addresses comfort and functionality issues faced by modern plate carriers. It offers a low-profile design without compromising comfort. The Agilite proprietary V design ensures weight distribution across 8 suspension points, elimination hot spots. With a versatile cummerbund and cable management features, it allows customization and organization. The K-Zero provides an unparalleled advantage, derived from combat experience, making it ideal for various defense scenarios. 

  • GSCI QUADRO-SLR Fusion-Powered Sight

    The Ultimate Fusion-Powered Sight

    The QUADRO-SLR is no ordinary sight. It is designed to outperform and outlast any optical-electronic scope on the market in every measurable way. This product results from years of research and development, collecting valuable feedback from professional end users. Powered by world-renowned, patented GSCI Fusion Technology, the QUADRO-SLR is a true game-changer regarding performance, capabilities and versatility.
  • GSCI - MTAR™-HUD Augmented Reality Night Vision

    The first of its kind - MTAR™-HUD is a Multi-Task Augmented Reality Heads Up Display with unrivaled functionality. 

    Millions of Night Vision Devices were manufactured and many are in still service since an Image Intensifier Tube was invented. Now with the help of the MTAR™-HUD most of these devices can be upgraded to enable features they were missing.

  • Lynq PRO - On & Off Grid Navigation and Communication

    Lynq PRO™ - Secure, Self-Forming Ad-Hoc Data Networks for Uncompromised Communication

    Lynq PRO™ is a team navigation, data, and communication solution that allows teams to share positional data and maintain situational awareness, even when communication is unavailable. It uses a long-range, low-power, RF quiet network to create secure ad-hoc data networks that are difficult to intercept or detect, extending the edge of connectivity for tactical communications and data. Lynq PRO™ is perfect for military operations, search and rescue missions, and outdoor adventures. The Rapid Programming Kits contain everything needed to field Lynq PRO™, including up to 12 devices. With Lynq PRO™, teams can improve their communication and situational awareness and stay connected for miles without relying on networks or infrastructure.