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  • AGILITE Ops-Core FAST ST/XP High Cut Helmet Cover-Gen 4

    The Gen4 Ops-Core FAST helmet cover is a cutting-edge accessory that enhances the functionality and protection of your helmet. The cover includes cable management channels, snag-free sides, and an upper bungee area for IR strobes and cameras. It also offers an optional detachable rear pouch for NVG battery packs and counterweights, with convenient cable exit holes and impact protection. 

  • AGILITE Ops-Core Maritime/FAST SF Super High Cut Helmet Cover-Gen 4

    The Gen4 Ops-Core FAST helmet cover is a highly functional accessory that provides a perfect fit and enhanced capabilities for your helmet. It offers color or camo uniformity, protects the helmet's ballistic surface, and securely holds all your accessories. The cover features cable management channels, a bungee accessory area, and an optional detachable rear pouch for NVG battery packs and counterweights. It is easy to apply or remove and is made of durable materials.

  • AGILITE Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic/SL Helmet Cover

    The Agilite Team Wendy Helmet Cover is designed to provide complete accessory management and protect the Team Wendy Exfil helmet. It fits snugly on the Exfil shell and works seamlessly with both Rail 2.0 and Rail 3.0 types. The cover safeguards the helmet's painted surface, extends its service life, and offers a perfect fit with foldable side tabs.

  • AGILITE Team Wendy EXFIL Bump LTP/Carbon Helmet Cover

    The Agilite Team Wendy Helmet BUMP Cover will protect the integrity and painted surface of your Team Wendy BUMP helmet and extend its service life as well as give you full accessory management. It fits the Exfil shell like a glove and is suitable for both the Exfil Carbon and Exfil LTP helmets, giving you a perfect fit for both.

  • AGILITE Bridge-Tactical Helmet Accessory Platform

    The Agilite Bridge-Tactical Helmet Accessory Platform is a versatile accessory management system designed to accommodate various helmet accessories. It provides a comprehensive solution for attaching, protecting, and securing items such as NVG battery packs, counterweights, IR strobes, and cables. With its universal fit, the Helmet Bridge ensures organized and secure placement of accessories while offering additional surface protection for your helmet.

  • AGILITE Ops Core Sentry Mid Cut Helmet Cover-Gen4

    The Gen4 Helmet Cover is an advanced accessory designed to provide a snug fit and enhanced functionality for the Ops-Core Sentry XP helmet. Offering color or camo uniformity, it safeguards the helmet's painted surface and acts as a reliable platform for securing accessories. This mid-cut cover not only protects the helmet's ballistic properties but also ensures complete accessory management, extending the helmet's service life.

  • AGILITE MTEK FLUX Helmet Cover-Gen4

    The Gen4 MTEK Version is a next generation helmet cover that fits the MTEK FLUX helmet like a glove and gives it new, cutting edge functionality and universal accessory management.

  • AGILITE Universal Helmet Cover Rear Pouch

    The Universal Helmet Cover Rear Pouch is an integral solution to secure personal accessories