Plate Carrier Accessories

Plate Carrier Accessories

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  • AGILITE Flank Side Plate Carriers

    The Flank Side Plate Carriers offer a low-profile and comfortable solution for carrying side plates in firefight situations. They are lightweight and designed for maneuverability in tight CQB environments. 

  • AGILITE K19 Plate Carrier Back Flap Cummerbund Adapter

    The K19 Plate Carrier Back Cummerbund Adapter enables easy attachment of the Warfighter Cummerbund or any other hook and loop style cummerbunds to the K19 Plate Carrier (Versions 2.0 and 3.0). Upgrade your plate carrier with this adapter for enhanced versatility and customization options.

  • AGILITE Retractor Side Plate Carriers

    The Agilite Retractor ballistic side plate carriers allow you to add extra ballistic protection to your rig to give you additional vital organ protection when operating in high threat environments. They connect to ANY MOLLE Cummerbund or other MOLLE platform, not just to Agilite ones and are lightweight, hard-wearing and intelligently designed to be the only side plate carriers you'll ever need. 

  • AGILITE Jump Retention Tabs (set of 3)

    The Jump Retention Tabs can be donned and doffed instantaneously on the Pincer Placard and anywhere else you have hook and loop. They provide additional rock solid retention for magazines or other items during airborne or other particularly turbulent ops.

  • AGILITE AMAP III Conversion Attachment Kit

    The AMAP III Conversion Kit revolutionizes your plate carrier by allowing direct attachment of Agilite AMAP III and other accessories. With quick installation, you can effortlessly don and doff your Assault pack, keeping your gear and survival essentials within immediate reach. By streamlining your equipment, response time is reduced, providing a more efficient and unobstructed operation during critical situations.

  • AGILITE Six Pack Hanger Pouch

    The Agilite Six Pack is designed to be the ultimate hanger pouch, addressing issues found in existing dangler pouches. It offers a compact design that doesn't hinder movement, unlike longer flapping pouches. The integrated design allows for easy access and visibility of contents.