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  • AGILITE K19 Plate Carrier

    The K19 Plate Carrier offers unparalleled comfort and functionality. It features a one-size-fits-all cummerbund and multi-size plate bag, eliminating sizing complications. The Egress Quick-release system and Fast-Adjust Cummerbund allow real-time adjustments for optimal comfort and combat awareness. 

  • AGILITE K-Zero Plate Carrier

    The K-Zero Plate Carrier addresses comfort and functionality issues faced by modern plate carriers. It offers a low-profile design without compromising comfort. The Agilite proprietary V design ensures weight distribution across 8 suspension points, elimination hot spots. With a versatile cummerbund and cable management features, it allows customization and organization. The K-Zero provides an unparalleled advantage, derived from combat experience, making it ideal for various defense scenarios. 

  • AGILITE Warfighter Cummerbund

    The Warfighter Cummerbund is an advanced and versatile cummerbund designed to address comfort and functionality issues in load-bearing gear. It is compatible with various plate carriers, including the K-Zero and K19 Plate Carriers, and offers exceptional support for heavy loads without sagging. 

  • AGILITE Six Pack Hanger Pouch

    The Agilite Six Pack is designed to be the ultimate hanger pouch, addressing issues found in existing dangler pouches. It offers a compact design that doesn't hinder movement, unlike longer flapping pouches. The integrated design allows for easy access and visibility of contents. 

  • ESAPI Plate NIJ Level 4 (IV) | PGD U-line

    When faced with challenging situations, it's crucial to have complete confidence in your protection and performance. That's precisely what our ESAPI plate delivers, making it the ultimate choice.

  • Hard armor NIJ level 3++ | PGD U-line

    This SAPI plate provides the essential safeguard against more potent firearms, going beyond the protection handguns offer. It's effective against rounds like M80 (7.62x51), AK47 (7.62x39 msc), and M193/.223 Remington. Designed with the freedom to move your arms without impediment, this plate seamlessly integrates with your body, enabling you to maintain peak performance. Crafted in Europe to ensure uncompromising quality standards, the PGD-LW-ICW+ boasts a front plate with a multi-curve design. Remarkably, it's the lightest among our plate options, weighing just 1.25 kg (2.8 lbs).

  • SAPI Hard Armor NIJ level 3 and 4 | PGD-Berserker

    For an economical yet highly protective ballistic plate, consider the PGD Berserker plate. Crafted in Europe with European materials, it is available in both NIJ level 3 and NIJ level 4. With a standard 10x12-inch size, it seamlessly fits into most carriers, offering an excellent balance of affordability and protection.