Counter drone / UAV

Counter drone / UAV

We proudly present a comprehensive range of products from DroneShield, a leading manufacturer in the field of anti-drone technology.

Since 2011, MSS DEFENCE has been at the forefront of advising customers on coping with the challenges posed by hostile drones. Our expertise lies in detecting and deterring Group 1 and Group 2 drones, specifically smaller commercial drones weighing less than 30 kilograms.

The potential risks associated with these drones cannot be underestimated. From illegal surveillance activities and disruptions to more severe threats like smuggling contraband into prisons or carrying explosives, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) pose significant security concerns. Additionally, military adversaries may exploit drones for fire direction and control, highlighting the need for effective countermeasures.

At MSS DEFENCE, we recommend a comprehensive approach to counter-drone operations, combining multiple detection methods to overcome the limitations of individual sensors. Our expert advice includes the integration of radio frequency detection (RF Detection) and radar technologies. We can further enhance your system with acoustic sensors and visual day/night cameras based on the specific threat and situation.

Secure your airspace and stay one step ahead of evolving threats with MSS DEFENCE and DroneShield. Contact us today for more information or assistance selecting the perfect counter-drone solutions for your requirements. Together, let's ensure the safety and integrity of your operations.

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  • Droneshield Drone Gun Tactical

    The DroneGun Tactical, from DroneShield, is a cutting-edge anti-drone weapon that provides a safe and effective way to neutralize unauthorized drones in sensitive areas. This compact and lightweight device uses radio frequency technology to disrupt the communication between the drone and its operator, allowing the drone to be safely landed or returned to its point of origin.

  • Droneshield RfPatrol

    The RfPatrol is a highly versatile, completely passive/non-emitting wearable UAS detection device. The device automatically detects drones moving at any speed.

  • Droneshield DroneGun Mk4

    The DroneGun Mk4 is a highly effective drone jamming device designed to neutralize unwanted drones that pose a security threat. With a range of up to 2 km, this innovative tool can disable drones by jamming their control signals, causing them to lose communication with their operator and enter a safe, controlled landing.

  • Droneshield DroneGun Mk3

    The DroneGun Mk3 is an advanced drone jamming device designed to neutralize unauthorized drones safely and effectively. This powerful and lightweight tool can be used in various settings, including public events, military operations, and critical infrastructure protection.

  • Droneshield DroneSentry

    DroneSentry is an autonomous fixed C-UxS system that integrates DroneShield’s suite of sensors and countermeasures into a unified responsive platform.

  • Droneshield DroneSentry-X

    The DroneSentry is an autonomous fixed C-UxS system that integrates DroneShield’s suite of sensors and countermeasures into a unified responsive platform.

  • Droneshield DroneSentry-C2

    DroneSentry-C2 Command-and-Control (C2) provides an intuitive and feature-rich software platform, providing counter-UAS awareness and reporting capability. It integrates both DroneShield and third-party C-UAS sensors and effectors