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Nexter Robotics offers a wide range of air-land robots for priority to the areas of defense and security. The operational products are characterised by their robustness, ease of use and versatility. 

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  • NERVA® LG robotic system is the result of an iterative approach which closely combines operational tests and technical adjustments. This guarantees NERVA® LG perfectly meets operational expectations, while offering the best of mature technology at very low cost.

  • NERVA® S is a 2-wheeled compact robotic platform, equipped with one High-Definition camera and one microphone; it can collect remote information in hostile or unknown environment (even with CBRN and IED threats). It is operated and managed (including both audio and video data) using standard based equipment (rugged PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items