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  • BB-2590 - Lithium-ion Rechargeable Waterproof Battery

    The BB-2590 battery is designed according to military standard MIL-PRF-32383. This is a high performance rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with instantaneous start-up and dual charge. It has durable hight impact plastic housing and connector enclosure. It offers great protection against short circuit and improper charging and the unit contains safety vented cells. 

  • Base Station Antennas - Barrett

    Barrett Communications provides a wide range of base station antenna products that compliment our range of transceivers and suit most applications. We can also supply custom antenna systems for specific applications. 

  • Multi-bay Charger for BB2590

    Scanning Devices manufactures the BC400 Multi-bay Battery Charging System for the BB-2590 series of  Li-Ion batteries. Designed for bench-top use this multi-bay battery charger simultaneously charges 4 batteries in approx. 4 hours. 

  • DUVEET Personal Alarm Safety System

    The Personal Alarm Safety System has an in-built intelligent alarm system which alerts people nearby when a rescuer falls unconscious or lays motionless.

  • Senop Hamster Energy Harvesting System

    The Hamster Energy Harvesting System is a smart and modular external power source system with the capability of harvesting energy from any available power source such as solar panels, vehicle power systems or aggregates.

  • CODAN 3040 Automatic Whip Antenna

    Codan’s 3040 automatic whip antenna is a high-performance standard in radio communications. The 3040 can be used for voice and data operation over the full 2 to 30 MHz HF frequency band. With its rugged design this antenna from Codan is protected against water and dust. The 3040 antenna is perfect to use on a vehicle and is easy to install.

  • CODAN 9300 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna

    Codan’s 9300 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna is designed for superior performance and reliability in the most demanding mobile military operations, where communications failure is not an option. It is intended for installation on all type of vehicular platforms equipped with Codan HF transceivers.

  • CODAN 9320 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna

    Codan’s 9320 Automatic Tuning Marine Whip Antenna is designed for maximum performance in marine conditions. The 9320 is intended for installation on all types of small ships and boats with limited space, where large HF antennas are difficult to install and consistent communication is required.

  • CODAN 9350 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna

    Codan’s 9350 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna is designed for maximum durability and reliability in demanding mobile military operations. It is used with transceivers that have a large channel capacity.

  • CODAN 9390 Tuned Dipole Base Antenna

    Codan’s 9390 Automatic Tuning HF Dipole is designed for tactical and fixed base station applications where rapid deployment or simplified installation in space restricted areas is required without compromising quality of communication. The ultra-compact 9390 HF antenna system is optimised for both short and long distance communications.

  • ESP PTT - Focused communication in dynamic environments

    Enhance Your Communication with ESP PTT by OTTO

    Introducing the ESP PTT by OTTO - the ultimate solution for clear and focused communication in dynamic environments. The Enhanced Spatial Positioning (ESP) feature untangles multiple audio streams, allowing the operator to clearly hear individual audio sources and stay focused on the mission.

  • Lynq PRO - On & Off Grid Navigation and Communication

    Lynq PRO™ - Secure, Self-Forming Ad-Hoc Data Networks for Uncompromised Communication

    Lynq PRO™ is a team navigation, data, and communication solution that allows teams to share positional data and maintain situational awareness, even when communication is unavailable. It uses a long-range, low-power, RF quiet network to create secure ad-hoc data networks that are difficult to intercept or detect, extending the edge of connectivity for tactical communications and data. Lynq PRO™ is perfect for military operations, search and rescue missions, and outdoor adventures. The Rapid Programming Kits contain everything needed to field Lynq PRO™, including up to 12 devices. With Lynq PRO™, teams can improve their communication and situational awareness and stay connected for miles without relying on networks or infrastructure.