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  • Base Camp Connect BCC-LITE

    BCC-LITE is a portable rapid-deploy kit that creates a local network, interconnects radios and automates network failovers to provide phone, Internet and radio interoperability. Portable communications go-kit with 2 radio interfaces, 4 telephone lines and an internet router working on 2 networks. Automated connection to preset networks with automatic failover. 

  • Base Camp Connect BCC

    The BCC is the most valuable versatile of our units: it can be rack-mounted for use in a Mobile Command Vehicle. It can also be fitted in ourportable hard case equipped with chock- mounts as a rapid-deploy kit to complement the existing vehicles infrastructure. BCC is a tactical communication system intended for emergency managers who can’t afford communication failures when an incident happens.

  • Base Camp Connect BCC-MIL

    The BCC-MIL is a tactical communications go-kit for high-mobility teams that work in difficult conditions with unstable and unpredictable networks. BaseCamp Connect sets in 5 minutes flat to ensure continuous communications over multiple networks with automatic failover to provide secured voice and data communications.

  • ESP PTT - Focused communication in dynamic environments

    Enhance Your Communication with ESP PTT by OTTO

    Introducing the ESP PTT by OTTO - the ultimate solution for clear and focused communication in dynamic environments. The Enhanced Spatial Positioning (ESP) feature untangles multiple audio streams, allowing the operator to clearly hear individual audio sources and stay focused on the mission.

  • Lynq PRO - On & Off Grid Navigation and Communication

    Lynq PRO™ - Secure, Self-Forming Ad-Hoc Data Networks for Uncompromised Communication

    Lynq PRO™ is a team navigation, data, and communication solution that allows teams to share positional data and maintain situational awareness, even when communication is unavailable. It uses a long-range, low-power, RF quiet network to create secure ad-hoc data networks that are difficult to intercept or detect, extending the edge of connectivity for tactical communications and data. Lynq PRO™ is perfect for military operations, search and rescue missions, and outdoor adventures. The Rapid Programming Kits contain everything needed to field Lynq PRO™, including up to 12 devices. With Lynq PRO™, teams can improve their communication and situational awareness and stay connected for miles without relying on networks or infrastructure.