First Aid

First Aid

First aid refers to medical attention that is usually administered immediately after the injury occurs and at the location where it occurred. It often consists of a one-time, short-term treatment.

Regarding military first aid. Soldiers may have to depend upon their first aid knowledge and skills to save themselves or other soldiers. They may be able to save a life, prevent permanent disability, and reduce long periods of hospitalization by knowing what to do, what not to do, and when to seek medical assistance. Anything soldiers can do to keep others in good fighting condition is part of the primary mission to fight or to support the weapons system. Most injured or ill soldiers are able to return to their units to fight and/or support primarily because they are given appropriate and timely first aid followed by the best medical care possible. 

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  • Berghaus - FLT Medic Pocket IR

    The medic pocket integrates with all FLT rucksacsk and can also be worn stand-alone as a rucksack when applying the FLT Shoulder Harness. The medic pocket has been built to store life saving medic equipment. The inside can be organised in any configuration by attaching the different sized pockets on the Velcro.

  • Berghaus - FLT Organiser Pocket IR

    The Organiser Pocket integrates with all FLT rucksacks and can also be worn stand-alone as a rucskack when applying the FLT Shoulder Harness. Organiser pocket has been built to store life saving medic equipment, maps, admin, optics and electronic/digital devices. With three removable different configured blades, the organiser pocket can be customized for a variety of activities. The organiser pocket can also hold a military laptop, ideal for sniper ops.

  • Berghaus - MMPS Utility Pocket

    Padded pocket, suitable to stow a minimum of four folded (satcom) antenna’s with sections up to 50cm long, an oxygen bottle from medic staff or demolition equipment etc.

  • AGILITE BuddyStrap Injured Person Carrier

    The Agilite BuddyStrap is a life-saving device designed for carrying injured individuals easily and hands-free. Originally developed for special forces units operating in remote locations, it has versatile applications for civilians as well. The BuddyStrap enables the transport of injured hikers, individuals with mobility issues, or even large children on your own. 

  • AGILITE Tourniquet Holder

    The Agilite Tourniquet Holder is an elastic TQ holder that attaches to your Plate Carrier, Battle Belt or other gear via hook and loop.