List of products by manufacturer Tonbo Imaging

Tonbo Imaging designs, builds and deploys advanced imaging and sensor systems to sense, understand and control complex environments. Modern day battlefields, critical infrastructures, unmanned reconnaissance, transport vehicles driving in the dark – all offer very challenging environments for  effective visualization. Obscurants like smoke, dust, fog and camouflage make observation and navigation very difficult.

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  • BRS is an electro optical video boresight tool for precise alignment of the weapon and its sighting payload. A wide range of interchangeable caliber bars are supported. It is easy to use and its camera based design is precise, reliable and allows a single user to do the full alignment process even at a very short range to the target. 

  • Minion 2 is a 3D vision power thermal imaging device for driver vision enhancement with depth perception. This is one of its kind thermal imager with depth perception. Minion 2 is the smallest, lightest and low power rugged thermal imaging module with stereo 3D vision for driver vision enhancement and similar applications. This is one of its kind thermal...

  • Python is a light weight thermal imaging sight that can be helmet mounted or body worn. It is built on the HawkVision VGA thermal imaging core and provides excellent image quality needed for navigation in tough conditions.

  • Maya-H is a super compact, helmet mounted dual sensor fused Night Vision camera for a dismounted soldier. It features an inbuilt processor that digitally fuses video feeds from the thermal imager and low lux imager in real time giving soldiers the ability to select clear/day view, thermal view or Fused view for video transmission at long range.

  • MarkO is a long range CLIPON cooled TI Sniper Sight. It allows a sniper to recognise human targets at more than 2km. Its compatible with most telescopic sights used on sniper rifles. It is successfully tested on weapons unto 12.7mm caliber.

  • IEOS is an advanced multi sensor optronics package with many applications for the military world. It is a single combined package of long range imaging sensors including MWIR, SWIR, Low Light Day Imager with an optional day spotter integrated with a very long range eye safe Laser Range Finder integrated with a laser pointer for target designation.

  • Minion is a rugged driver vision sight with a shutterless low power rugged thermal imaging module with a variety of wide field of view lenses. With advanced thermal image processing. With integrated artificial intelligence it alerts of nearby obstacles like humans, bikes, vehicles etc. it allows the driver to drive in complete darkness or difficult...

  • Cobra is a compact and lightweight dual sensor Fused Thermal Weapon Sight built on a state of the art uncooled thermal imaging core providing outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality. Cobra has an advanced fusion processor digitally fusing the video feeds from the thermal imager and low lux day CCD. 

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items