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  • Outdoor pocket knife with liner lock, Muela, Panzer. Blade of MOVA-60 steel with black coating. Thumb button for 1-hand opening. Lifts of black plastic. Folding Blade pocket knife with Nylon Sheath.

  • A small curvy compass with thermometer and cardinal directions. With its small size and precise needle, this is the perfect compass to to bring along your hike. It fits right in your pocket and comes with a carabiner hook for attachment as well as a thermometer to keep you aware of your environment’s shiftings. Keep this compass in your pocket at all...

  • SILVA Ranger SL is a small sighting compass, ideal as a reserve or an “always-packed” compass. Built in sun dial. Can be attached to your jacket with a safety pin, thereby allowing hands-free navigation. A go anywhere tool for serious compass users.

  • SILVA Expedition S features easy-handling Dryflex housing. Silicon rubber feet for precision map work, detachable safety-release lanyards and night-enabling luminous markings. If you are in need of a traditional baseplate compass with high-end features, the Expedition should be your choice. If the terrain demands for a mirror sighting compass Expedition S...

  • You can take that bivouac on with one hand. The Bivy riggers multi-tool has an easy single-handed operation for when your other one is busy with rigging or holding yourself in place during an emergency. Hans Florine of Lafayette, CA designed the Bivy. He created a quality tool that works both on skyscrapers and mountains that scrape the sky.

  • One blade to rule them all. You couldn’t bring yourself to believe there could be a bigger machete than the original. Then we brought the 16” blade. A full 18” slab of steel that comes with the same comfortable handle, and reinforced nylon sheath as the original, this is the survival machete to use when the only thing you’ll be cutting to is your...

  • Bring along the Acquisition™ tactical knife, and you’ll acquire much more than a dependable everyday carry. It’s covert enough to keep on your person when things get scrappy, and beefy enough to mow over backcountry business.

  • The KA74 is the best choice when you have the highest demands with regard to protection of very valuable, fragile or hazardous loads during transportation or storage. The Defender KA74 boxes have withstood various tests for wear, rain and dropping with flying colours.

  • A top case with a beautiful and robust design. The SKB is an airtight and waterproof case that is suit- able for the most extreme applications. This case provides the maximum protection for your products. The 3i cases are made of lightweight durable polypropylene and has a rubber ring to make the 3i a completely waterproof case to a depth of 1 meter, in...

  • MKU Demining Suits are manufactured from high strength ballistic materials to cover wide range of application including shielding applications and during mine clearance etc.These suits can also be used as a temporary barrier on vehicle windows and as shield during barricades. Explosives stored near explosion prone areas can also be protected with these...

  • The ACB GEN II - Belt is designed to be a low profile and lightweight modular belt for the active, on the move law enforcement officer. This is a 3-piece belt system, that comes with a Velcro pants belt, padded sleeve, and an inner nylon belt.

  • This a small medical pouch designed to hold a variety of medical supplies and accessories. Internal dividers and an external pocket ensures everything stays organized and easy to access. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items