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  • The FLIR Scion™ OTM captures clear thermal imaging and leverages a refined user interface to quickly detect objects of interest in complete darkness and through glaring light or haze.

  • The TILO-3 is currently the shortest and lightest thermal imaging device with a length of only 4cm (1.57in) and a weight of 100g/3.5oz. Extremely small and lightweight thermal goggle COMBINED with sophisticated headlight. Hand-held or helmet mounted device for easy detection and identification. Multifunctional and flexible in use.

  • GS-24R and GS-26R represent combination of years of experience and the latest technological developments. The all-new design utilizes space-age materials to reduce the weight and improve recoil resistance. Standard features include a waterproof, nitrogen purged housing, Mil-Dot illuminated "cross hair" reticule, high-grade multi-coated optics, and a low...

  • The Newcon Optik Laser Rangefinder Monocular 2200SI (LRM) 2200SI combines excellent 7x optics with the world’s most advanced laser rangefinder technology. This model allows observation of distant objects with superb image quality plus it measures the distance to the object up to 2,200 meters (output display in yards also). 

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items