List of products by manufacturer RVision

RVision products incorporate both infrared and daylight optical dual sensors, scene awareness detection algorithms, and an all-weather, multiple-sensor surveillance platform with the ability to pan/tilt/zoom in all directions. This includes private industry such as petrochemical facilities, major commercial business structures, and industrial facilities: border surveillance, ports & harbors, chemical plants, nuclear facilities, military, public transportation and law enforcement.

RVision manufactures technologically-advanced, environmentally hardened video products and physical security solutions to government and private sectors. They have developed a number of product models incorporating successive improvements, leading to our current emphasis on sophisticated, environmentally-rugged, pan/tilt/zoom optical and infrared cameras, hardened processors, custom tactical video hardware, software solutions, and related technologies integrated to meet physical security requirements of government and commercial customers.

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  • The SEE Thermal fV is a hardened fixed mount camera containing a 320x240 or 640x480 vanadium oxide thermal imager often used in our Patrol® CCTV and MARK kits.

  • The SEE HP is a hardened pan/tilt/zoom camera providing nearly silent operation while offering continuous rotation and improved repeatability for preset and go-to targets. The same rugged construction delivers long life performance in harsh environments such as continuous salt water spray or blowing sand. 

  • The RVision Remote Surveillance System (RSS) provides a mobile, self contained and integrated 360° surveillance system which can be rapidly deployed and delivered by a wide range of vehicles. 

  • The Carbide LongGlass is a pan/tilt platform capable of carrying a variety of long range optics. Available on the RVision C75, or C150 platforms, LongGlass is designed to be man-portable for rapid deployment, while linking locally to an RVision LOOK® controller or remotely to a user-defined network. 

  • The Carbide 16 is the most advanced mid-size surveillance platform available today. Just slightly larger than our Dual™ i50, the C16 can be configured with many different cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, as well as a variety of laser pointers/designators, with several color camera options available as well. 

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items