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  • BEAMSHOT® is proud to introduce the newest hand held Greenbeam tactical laser pointer. This pointer is compact on the go design, makes this product the ideal chose for professional who depend on their equipment.

  • The Saint Torch 10 is an ultra-bright rechargeable search light, using single CREE® XHP 70 LED to deliver a power beam of up to 3200 lumens. A 10400mAh high capacity rechargeable battery pack supports this extra high endurance tool to deliver 120 hours of light. 16.8V AC direct quick charge design, just 4 hours charging time. 

  • The TA40 is NEXTORCH’s newest 1040 lumen ultra bright flashlight model. The TA40’s highest beam delivers 1040 lumens and much more than other similar tactical flashlights. One could call it the king of single lithium-ion single core tactical flashlights. The ultra strong combination of functions, all make the TA40 the king of its category. 

  • Senken's mobile lighting system is the first lighting system that is portable and most ideal lighting system, with its small size and light weight. you can carry it in three ways. When used on a rail system, the bottom mounted wheel which can be used to facilitate long distance movement on the rail. Using a standard USB charging interface for mobile...

  • A 10 Watt power LED with three light modes (max-min-strobe)With a brightness of 900 lumens capable of seeing through smoke and fog.

  • The TILO-3 is currently the shortest and lightest thermal imaging device with a length of only 4cm (1.57in) and a weight of 100g/3.5oz. Extremely small and lightweight thermal goggle COMBINED with sophisticated headlight. Hand-held or helmet mounted device for easy detection and identification. Multifunctional and flexible in use.

  • Deployed worldwide, the dependable Defender has earned a solid reputation, making it one of our most popular weapon mounted lights. We’ve fully sealed the hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum body, enabling flawless performance even after being fully submerged (IPX8).

  • While hunting or on maneuvers stealth is essential. You need more than a bright light; you need the right light. The Nomad 02, with its built-in RGB filters, a red diode, and diffuser, works wonders wherever you wander. The diffuser concentrates the light for a delicate task or creates a wide beam to illuminate a large area.

  • The UDR Dominator is just under 12 inches long but its advanced LED technology — powered by either the included rechargeable Lithium-ion battery or twelve 123A disposable batteries — produces a maximum output of 2,400-lumens of dazzling white light at its high setting and eight decreasing output levels down to 14 lumens. Specific lumen outputs are:...

  • The TMPFL-70 is an amazing rechargeable flashlight with maximum beam distance. With a LUMINUS SBT-70 LED and  matching reflector, it has a range of more than 1.000 meters.  The side switch selects between three brightness levels, a strobe mode, and a lock-out function to prevent accidental activation.

  • M-Flare is safer and more ecological than traditional light flares. M-Flare is a warning light without sparks, open fire, which does not emit harmful gases, smoke and toxic substances. Resistant rubber construction makes the product suitable for use in traffic. 

  • Samsung’s quality Mactronic - “Nomad” 180 Lumen Headlamp 3535 LED delivers a blazing 180 lumens of light, making the Nomad perfect company while rambling in the brambles or rummaging the tool box during home repairs. Mactronic has outfitted the headlamp with an adjustable head and diffuser, enabling you to concentrate the light on the trail and task or...

Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items