List of products by manufacturer Mactronic

Mactronic is a leading developer and manufacturer specializing in the distribution of battery and rechargeable lighting systems. You can find their products on MSS Defence.

Mactronic's wide product range illuminates the activities for everyone counting on a dependable light source, from cyclists, DYI enthusiasts and campers to rescue crews, police and firefighters. 

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  • M-Flare is safer and more ecological than traditional light flares. M-Flare is a warning light without sparks, open fire, which does not emit harmful gases, smoke and toxic substances. Resistant rubber construction makes the product suitable for use in traffic. 

  • The Mactronic – Defender II Tactical torch is made of high quality aerial aluminium for weapon mounting. Resistant to all kinds of factors. Due to usage of XML-U2 emitter produces light power of 720 lumens.  For tactical purposes emitter with 100% of power is recommended plus switch ProCap as an option. 

  • Samsung’s quality Mactronic - “Nomad” 180 Lumen Headlamp 3535 LED delivers a blazing 180 lumens of light, making the Nomad perfect company while rambling in the brambles or rummaging the tool box during home repairs. Mactronic has outfitted the headlamp with an adjustable head and diffuser, enabling you to concentrate the light on the trail and task or...

  • The THUNDER XTR is the latest member in Mactronic’s well respected tactical line. Its design team worked hand in glove with Army and Special Forces professionals to create a powerful 1020 lm light that is as durable as it is bright.

  • While hunting or on maneuvers stealth is essential. You need more than a bright light; you need the right light. The Nomad 02, with its built-in RGB filters, a red diode, and diffuser, works wonders wherever you wander. The diffuser concentrates the light for a delicate task or creates a wide beam to illuminate a large area.

  • Deployed worldwide, the dependable Defender has earned a solid reputation, making it one of our most popular weapon mounted lights. We’ve fully sealed the hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum body, enabling flawless performance even after being fully submerged (IPX8).

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items